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How to Have a Productive Quilt Day Part – good question

Please allow me to begin this day either on Saturday late afternoon or Sunday evening, not quite sure which. This must have happened Saturday when I came home. And begin one more time that the yellow orb currently shining brightly in the sky must be the sun? Not quite sure as this bright shiny sky object is but it’s still behaving in a somewhat fickle, hide and seek kind of way. Back to our regularly scheduled productivity post.

Either that late afternoon, or the other evening I brought both a calendar, and bullet journal style planner that use has become a receptacle for class notes, plans and student suggestions, into the house and placed them on the kitchen island where I would remember them when I needed them. “Remember them” ah yes, “remembering” and “seeing” are key.

Fast forward to the wee dark hours of the morning when brain, experiencing wild and strange dreams, decided it had enough and woke me up. A few minutes later (nearly 90 minutes) brain agreed that we are indeed tired and attempting further sleep would be a grand idea. Brain and I then proceeded into the bedroom, climbed the ladder, laid down and began shoving aside the thoughts that sleeps desire to play hide and seek was sufficiently quenched, eyes would close, breathing change and blessed sleep would allow brain and body to rest and tackle the rest of this day. Sleep, having accepted the tagging relented and let my body “rest.” Brain though, rebelled against the resting of it all and decided to remain engaged in weird, and wild dreams. The waking up, just prior to the departure of my Sweetie to his place of work, left body and brain a wee bit out of sorts enough so that any coffee consumed would be insufficient to the needs of the day. Thus leaving me looking at my trusty transportation with deep longing knowing, just knowing that the information contained in the calendar and bullet journal was stranded until such a time as the drops falling from the firmament abated.

Electronic conversation to rescue, the internal, weird dream and lack of sleep induced, calendar/journal seeking panic put rest to my weary head confirming that which needs doing today and that which needs doing tomorrow. Phew. This had the potential to be really annoying.

Further Productivity and Washing the Stairs

Further attempts at productivity included the setting down of the lidded mug containing icy water, the container frequently contains iced tea. After setting the aforementioned mug down, my hand reached for the paper bag on the stairs so that my eyes might behold that which is contained therein, this hand then felt it necessary to knock over the mug spilling water.

A yellow microfiber cloth, awaiting its continued journey to the room wherein live the washer and dryer, served sufficiently to mopping up said water.

Wherein Teri has a good laugh

Now my phone will be in contact with one social media platform for a quick live video sharing one of the cool tips wherein fabric goes from hot mess, to well dressed. Pardon me while I go giggle. Okay now I’m back and have a plan and it does involve folding fabric, and moving it from here to there, and then the things over there must move from there to here. There might be more moving about because shooting video is a happening soon.

Happy Quilting!

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