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Work Avoidance Techniques

I am in the throes of once again moving fabric, books, shelving units and tables in the sewing room to make it easier to film classes. It will, if all goes well, make it easier to get into the sewing room itself, but is still giving me doubts about the closet. WE shall see won’t we. Yes, Teri, Yes we will.

Oh and Teri, you have adequate space, sewing rooms just need some extra special love and attention sometimes. You got this.

So I’m writing this blog in honor of all the times rearranged my sewing room before, all the times I’ll rearrange again and the amount of sweat that goes into our work as quilters.

Happy Quilting!


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2 thoughts on “Work Avoidance Techniques”

  1. Good Luck Teri. I hesitate to re-do my sewing room…. I may find another dreaded UFO to add to my list of “Things to Do.”

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