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When Monday Throws you off

Three day weekends are still the thing to look forward to, in part to celebrate, remember, and rest. However the rest of the week feels a day off because Tuesday is the new Monday and by mid-afternoon and pot of coffee number three you’re wondering where the week went hoping, just hoping to get this week back on track.

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Never Miss a Sunrise
but first coffee

And then in Texas we need several arks built because it’s been raining. Bonus: the lawn is green and lush the mosquitos are less because it’s cooler but even the front porch is getting wet in the rain. *Note to self it’s time to go dance in the rain* I think there’s moss growing under my feet. Wednesday afternoon I started shooting video for the next episode of my yet to be officially named amateur quilt show. Naming quilts and classes is a lot simpler. Naming other components not so much. After recording a bit of ruler work a rather loud *CLAP* of thunder ended that! Unplugged the machine, and walked out of the studio to go do other things. I should be in there this morning too but nooooooooooooooo random thunderstorms again. All. Dang. Day. So after coffee with a friend I’ll be tackling the storage shelves under the pressing station. I’m also going to find some good way to hang my Oliso Mini Pro Irons because they are so dang cute! Oh Oh I have an idea now to see if I can pull it off! Oh that’s good. Because you know over fifty brain may not remember by the time I get downstairs. HA Oh did you get to listen to Michele Muska on the Quilter on Fire Podcast? She’s so humble. Wicked Smaht and sweet.

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