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That crack at the back of the drawer, splitting the back brace piece explained part of why opening/closing it is difficult. That and the bowing drawer bottoms. Sigh. When I bought this drawer unit it seemed perfect. The drawers are wide, and deep able to accommodate a lot of thread. I did not, however, give consideration to the weight of thread and the direct impact it would have on the drawers.

A couple of weeks ago the great “Make the studio presentable for video” started. I must say I actually like what’s happening in the room. There is something delightful about having a space that is pretty visually as well as functional. This all started with the Great Exchange moving the books/magazines to the wire rack shelf and the fabric to the Kallax shelving unit, using the pressing station as a way space between the two, in part because it’s right there and in part because you’ve gotta have space to place things when doing this major of a sewing studio move. And often in a tidy up things get messier before they get prettier.

All of this is actually going well, and shockingly, taking longer than expected. And this where the Cascade of it all happens.

Once the fabric and the books/magazines were in their respective places the pressing station needed work. You might say, “But Teri no one will see this in your videos” and you would indeed be correct. In this moment it’s not so much about the visuals as it is about the function and use the shelves to hold the important things and later hide the “mess” that happens around me while in the process of creating and doing.

So yesterday, while on my way home from visiting with a friend, I decided to stop at a store for storage solutions that will help get some of the visual space in better order. It’s not quite what I wanted however it will do and wasn’t super expensive. I may head over to the sister store and to the Swedish store too. Because there’s been some video teaching (yes I am available) thread is in little plastic bins holding some of my thread all over the place. While down on the floor tidying the shelves these seemed to mock me and that’s when the Cascade Part Deux happened by opening a drawer and starting to tidy the thread. I started pulling all the Floriani thread into one basket, then started pulling the cones into one bin, and that’s when I found that crack at the back of the drawer. Sigh. Now every single spool is coming out of that drawer unit, being sorted and I’ll figure out what comes next.

So right now it’s being sorted by thread type and brand, and whether it’s a mini cone or not. I do have to say that while it’s taking some serious time to accomplish this it’s going to be worth the effort in the end. Not only being able to see what I have for color, but also what I actually have on hand. This also gives me some time to look around and see what might be available for drawers to keep the thread. While I’d love to keep the thread on the thread stands I have, there is also the need to protect the thread from UV light that can degrade thread over time. I do love thread so much.

I’ll show more pics soonish here.

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2 thoughts on “Cascade”

  1. Several years ago I sprung for really, REALLY good drawer units for my thread from Tracy’s Tables. They are NOT cheap, but they work really well. Unfortunately, I have more thread than the 2 units can hold. I’ve used plastic drawer units from Iris brand. They seem to hold up better than the generic ones. I don’t have the Swedish store near me, and I am sure they would have something better than the plastic Iris units.

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