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Pardon me While I get a bit Sentimental

It all starts about mid-May every year. Sweet, sweet memories of the beginnings of the preparation for our wedding. Figuring out what we could do. Finding a wedding dress in the City for under my budget. Finding wedding rings. And those oh so comfortable moments when one gets super frustrated because this is a big life change and these decisions are big and Big. Everything from choosing readings to making plans for how to get from here to there.

Finding the right dress meant something to me. I thought I wanted to wear this dress I’d picked up somewhere along the way but changed my mind and wanted something a bit more formal. The day we selected our rings we walked around this cute town nestled along the PA side of the Delaware about an hour from where I worked. Into one shop we walked when I stopped to take a look at this elegant dress with a rather long train and bows and gorgeous satin. The dress and I were not quite on the same size wavelength so it stayed at the shop, however it did get me thinking about a change from the simple cotton dress I had.

While we were talking with another couple who married earlier mentioned the shop where she got this fab deal on her dress. On a Saturday morning we went to what was affectionately known as the Bridal building to look around and try on dresses. I gotta tell you it’s a bit overwhelming. There were a couple I like but they weren’t quite the one. We ended up on the 17th floor where they made bridesmaids dresses. Perfect. Just the right one. Phew. Rings and Dress.

This time of year also reminds me of when I started quilting and blogging. My “anniversaries” for both. I love how much each of these are simply a part of my being. I feel weird when I don’t blog for a while and even weirder when I don’t quilt for a while. This morning when I was reading Katie Fowler’s An Artist’s Journey Through Wonderland I realized that a quilt I’ve been putting off can be inspired by rather than a direct translation from fabric to thread of. That my friends was freeing and opened up space in my brain to pursue all the other things that need doing between now and then.

And with that I’m off to get the next day started.

Happy stitching!


PS – have you checked out The Quilting Hour with Lee Chappell Monroe of May Chappell Designs. Lee is a great host and it’s a good conversation. I’ll be on with her on Friday July 30 at 12 PM Pacific, 1 Mountain, 2 Central, 3 Eastern.

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