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Something shifted; somethings shifting

Before diving into the shifting of it all I am linking over to the Quilt & Tell Podcast. First congratulations to Debby Brown for her cover quilt and article in the upcoming issue of Quiltmaker. It’s a stunner. I don’t want to get the details wrong so I’m going to share Jay Duckworths Proptologist website and Instagram links. Tracy learned of Jay on Instagram on a cold & snowy night in December, and through a bit of doing got his story, the story about the medals for machines that made masks last year into the pages of one of the publications she edits. Behind these medals are people who sewed and sewed, made hospital gowns, masks and other items necessary for hospital workers and people who needed them.

One thing Jay brings up is Rosie the Riveter – how many women stepped up to make necessary items during the war only to be sidelined later on. Not to mention making masks etc during the Spanish flu how, oh you get where I’m going. If you made masks get a medal for your machine, or create a little document that will go with your machine to the next person who uses it. It’s not simply about the machine, it’s about how you with your skillset brought comfort to others and met other people’s needs during a really rough time.

Monday afternoon on the IGTV Telene dropped in for a little bit. She gave me some rather interesting information that was followed up by reminders from another friend, reminders I’ve been getting all along. Okay hang with me here friends this will take some explaining.

Telene commented that my movement and rhythm with the Handi Quilter Moxie is smooth and steady, or something to that effect. The fascinating thing for me is that while I was stitching I felt something change, something felt smoother while I was stitching. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that experience where things just worked and I got it. Know what I mean. Back when I was learning to quilt on my home sewing machine there were milestone moments wherein something changed, I didn’t always notice the change, friends and other quilters pointed it out.

I’m meeting with a new friend to talk books and as we talked she walked me through some reminders and a really cool image. She said, “you’ve been drinking out of a fire hose for the last two years.” Well that image caught my attention in a hurry, not only did it make sense I could see it. think about a firehose and how forcefully the water pours out, it’s not easy to drink you have to do your best, catch what you can and hopefully stay hydrated.

Speaking of which I need to go fill up the gatorade, and change the laundry over hang on a moment.

I’m back, thank you for your patience.

When you’re feeling discouraged, freaked out, stressed, not in a good place remember that there’s a good chance change will come. When change arrives it is an opportunity to rest, get creative, think about changes you can make in what you’re I’m doing. We each deal with stress different as we saw last year so many quilters make mask after mask after mask. I found a way to quilt in the hotel room after a move from New York to Texas. Lived in a hotel for 4 1/2 months while we had to sell our house for a second time, which allowed us to have the space we’re in now. And just know that we each have different timelines wherein we unwind from the stress in our lives. After a pandemic, isolation, limited contact year it might take a little bit. Ask me how I know, and I didn’t fully get this until my new friend pointed this out. Phew.

So something is shifting friends. I ask for your patience as I sort this out and get some work done for classes. Also I have a winner to choose, hang loose on that one. 🙂

Happy Quilting,


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