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Sunrise, Reading & Creativity

Good morning friends! The view of the sunrise from the front porch is glorious. After a few pages of John Cleese’s book Creativity I’d take another shot of the morning sky. Read a few more pages, look up, breathe, take a couple more images, repeat. There was one moment between the light and the wispy clouds the sky looked subtly mottled, and this wild moment of indescribable joy and sadness swept over me. Joy because the deep beauty and that I could see the subtle changes in the sky, and sadness because I have no way of sharing this with you. The moon caught my attention, a simple sliver shining as brightly as it could with the rest of the moon visibly there, yet hidden.

As the sun rose just beyond the tree in the center of the image the hot pinks and peachy oranges added brighter, warmer color to the beauty and depth of this day.

Between the moment by moment changing of the morning sky, reading Creativity, and simply enjoying the beauty of the morning there is something afoot as in my head the beginnings of both this blog post, the retreat I’m leading in February (I’ll post details on A Quilters Heart soon) and something else. This is good, really good.

Now, feeling creative isn’t exactly an emotion. It’s a frame of mind. But if you’re in the wrong frame of mind – if you’re distracted or worrying about something else – it follows that you’re not going to be creative.

John Cleese – Creativity

I have to tell you that while there’ve been ideas floating around, and some bits and pieces made it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced the Being of Creative. How’s that for sounding nonsensical. It’s not I know however, the writing of John Cleese, the “God writes straight with crooked lines” and the affirmation of being a creative type are all pointing to this moment where it’s time to dig into the work and tackle all the things I’ve not been able to accomplish by both spoken and unspoken stress of the last year or so, and the desire being fully present in the core of my being.

#handiquiltermoxie #quiltwithmoxie

This quilt to the right —-> is the prototype for another quilt I will do before the end of November. Each row within the space of the frame will be a split complement color grouping, possibly using shades/tones in the row, still working that part out in my head. This is such a fun project so far. Part of what i’m enjoying is watching the free-motion machine quilting on the longarm get better and learning to use the different modes, and adjusting them to work well to accomplish something close to what I see in my head is a big deal.

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Also remember that the Quilter on Fire Podcast is still HOT! Brandy has 40 podcasts to listen to and she’s a great interviewer.

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