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Thank You

Quilts Inc for coordinating, hosting, and running a great show this week. No doubt ever crossed my mind that this would be not only challenging but different, and it was and each of y’all handled things with grace and kindness. Bob Ruggiero you deserve a special thank you for so many things but most especially being the voice of Quilt Festival.

Here is Bob Ruggiero closing the show on Thursday night. Also the volume isn’t as great as I’d hoped however if ya know ya know

To each of the quilters who attended my classes, the Forum and my talks I’m honored. You each of given me so much this week I cannot fully share the gift of your presence. Partly because I didn’t take pictures in class – my hope is to be present enough to you that I don’t have time to take pictures. I did take a few pictures during the forum as the other presenters talked. Thank you Sarah Smith for coordinating the Forum on Wednesday.

Oh goodness that forum was so fun!

Thank you Tracy Mooney and Brandy Maslowski for being such fabulous friends and roommates this week. I could say more but you both know.

Thank you Richard Kennair for delightful conversation and showing up. There’s more here and he’ll always remember.

Thank you Michele Muska and Oliso. Working in the booth this week was fabulous and I learned a couple of new things from Marc and Steve about irons that I’ll be passing on soon. Not sure if I’ll do a blog post or a video.

Happy Stitching!


PS on the way back to my place today Brandy and I stopped by the TX Quilt Museum. Stay tuned from both of us

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