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Does this ever happen to you?

Where you finally get all the bits and pieces lined up ready to go and then a wrench gets tossed into the works, effectively derailing what you’re doing? And because of what it is you can’t really be mad about it first because you really have no control over it and second because that will only further derail what you’re doing because your mind will race over and over and over again about how you got derailed by something that is entirely and fully out of your control? Yeah it happened. Yeah I’m shifting what I’m doing to accommodate the reality that this will happen again around the same time today and I’ve got work to do to accomplish this weeks goals.

So I’m taking the time to say

Happy Tuesday. There’s still a lot of week left, let’s do this.

Quilting rules!

I’ve got all the fabric I need for a quilt for a magazine. I even have something of a quilting plan, but don’t hold me to that I need to see if I can overlay what I want to do onto the quilt.

Sometimes the sunrise is subtly beautiful, this morning’s sunrise was subtle and I enjoyed all the moments of that subtlety.

Have a fabulous day!

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