Word of the Year

There’s a movie trick where the camera or the shot moves very quickly to catch up with a person, or move that person to a certain place in time, this is, to me what 2021 feels like, or alt 2020 if you’d like. The Word of the Year #woty for 2021, Show up, not quite sure I lived it. The things that were on my agenda got swept up in a couple of things that brought part of that swooping feeling of catching up/time lapsing and here I am. So did I show up this year? No. Reasons? Perhaps. And while I didn’t seem to live Show Up in the way imagined, it is clear that I lived 2021.

A few weeks ago I thought I had the perfect word for 2022 and even mentioned it in some blog post. And then like any good word without it being written down in the most obvious place it disappeared. Whoosh, not unlike 2021. And so without further adieu may I introduce the 2022 Word of the Year #2022woty #woty2022



The conversation that prompted this choice in word, which I co-opted as a result of said conversation, started the Monday before Christmas with a friend sharing this image of untangling the roots of a potted plant using what she described as a root comb. Further I’ve been reading about apprenticing which has shades and tones of cultivate running through it.

This week is something of a rush week, filled with Good things that will lead to heading off to Road to California!

Happy Quilting,


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