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I find it profoundly odd

that I can go for weeks without writing some witty and pithy thing here. Can you hang on for a moment, I need to go make coffee, change the laundry over and wait for a friend to come to use my Handi Quilter Moxie. Be back in a few.

Copies are available at Road!

My friend is here quilting. Laundry is going. I’m back here to share the cool things with you. I am almost, almost ready for Road to California. There’s still a little room in my classes.

I’m looking forward to seeing quilts hung in a special exhibit. I cannot tell you how absolutely honored I am to have this happen. Sixteen of my twenty-seven plus years of quilting all in one place. I’m most freaked out about the flight, having to switch planes and the quilts. *shudder* Anyway I’m going to put a note into each one of the suitcases saying something like, “Hi TSA Agent. I’m on my way to Ontario California for one of the biggest events of my quilting career, would you be so kind as to help me get there safely? Thanks and God bless!”

I brought our bathroom scale to the kitchen. I mean why not right?! Because like any normal quilter weighs herself and then her suitcases with her to make sure the suitcases aren’t over the weight allowed by the airline. The big one has most of the exhibit and some of my class kit supplies. The other blue suitcase has class supplies in as well. This is one time I really wished I’d planned on driving. Road Trip. Literally and figuratively, right.

And then I had my hand up my sleeve.

Groans appreciated.


You’re the best.

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also did you know that at our local retreat center I’m hosting a Quilt retreat in February? Here’s the link to Cedarbrake check the fourth entry down to see the information. We’re going to make a Jacobs Ladder quilt or you get to quilt your own project. We’ll have some talks on Creativity and Faith and how they’re linked.

I’m also scheduled to teach at Sew It Fabulous in Boerne, TX in February and in March. Feb is lectures and March is classes. They’ll be up on the website soon.

I hope to do some posting next week on Instagram from Road. Although I’m notoriously terrible at doing that. So we’ll see what actually happens. In the meantime I’m heading out to get a few more hooks and eyes for the Color Wheels and then I will park my backside on the sofa to attach these things.

Happy Quilting

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