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This is a bit surreal

Friends. It is a bit surreal this moment. Seeing these quilts hanging at Road to California as a display, with the descriptions and poster is simply surreal. And so I share some of the images from the exhibit (I’m not sure I got all of the quilts) without further comment, other than to say I’m honored to be here.

Yesterday I taught Color, Thread & Ruler Work, a class that I’m going to offer as a two day class in the future with a specific quilt block using a split complement color combination on day one to cover the color & thread and ruler work on the next day. Today I get to teach Beginner Free-Motion Quilting. This is by far one of my favorite classes to teach.

I’ll be sharing some ruler purchases from Gina Perkes on Instagram either today or when I get home. I’m quite delighted with her rulers and how thoughtfully designed they are and can not wait to try them on the Handi Quilter Moxie. Before I head off for the day I want to share with you

Learners Permit

It’s hard to see for sure this is Learners Permit. We’ll talk more soon. For now I need to get going to go teach. This is my long day.

Happy Quilting Friends,


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