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Moving, a Journey

I've started walking around the hotel parking lot while listening to Pokey Bolton's Instagram conversations with quilting peeps. Hotel parking lot you say? Why yes. The physical move from NY to TX is about 1/2 complete. We arrived in Texas on Thursday evening after four days on the road. While at one hotel I'd made… Continue reading Moving, a Journey

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Bang Head Here

Since the judging is over and the winners have been notified I now feel free to share Bang Head Here While I was in the middle of "@play" and "dance" I was very frustrated with the process of making both of those quilts.  "@play" became the unruly teenager for a while and "dance" has been… Continue reading Bang Head Here

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Don’t worry I haven’t gone off the deep end

Or a day at the Quilt Festival of New Jersey. Visiting the Olde City Quilts Booth at the Quilt Festival was quite fun.  They now carry Hobbs Tuscany Wool and Silk batting, 5 yards came home with me and I have a quilt in mind for this.  Rob snapped a few photos in the booth,… Continue reading Don’t worry I haven’t gone off the deep end