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And then

Sunday morning (this morning as of the time of writing) I flew from Austin to Dallas, changed planes, then flew from Dallas to Ontario. Our alarm was set for 5 AM to make sure I had time however teacher do I have everything I need is there enough time to get to the airport because traffic brain kicked in and we left early, thwarting my plan to leave after 7 AM by leaving about quarter to which not only gave us enough time but gave me an extra 20 minutes for a whopping 2 hours and twenty minutes to check luggage, get through TSA and get to my gate. Austin-Bergstrom is not LaGuardia. That said, traffic getting through Austin is frequently offers

moments. While not like the Cross Bronx, I-35 does have these slow downs at particular times of the day that are well. Weird. Is this what they mean by Keep Austin Weird? I hope not.

Once we got into the car, and I saw the sunrise teacher brain settled down and I was able to enjoy that half-hour with my guy before going into the airport. Normally I check the aforementioned luggage curb side however going in was just as quick. Done. The TSA line was long but moved offering me ample opportunity to write in my journal, and read a little. The flight to Dallas is basically and up/down. After a quick snack in Dallas I settled into reading for a bit wondering why I didn’t bring knitting with me but then well I just kept reading making it to 52 straight weeks of reading on my Kindle. Woot Woot! Though I think I read on a day when it said I missed it so my Days in a Row is longer than the two it says.

It’s been a while but I decided to pick up Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller. I love getting so caught up in a story that tears well up in my eyes and my breath catches in that deep space between my lungs and my throat. It’s not so much about the tears as it is the deep resonating, ‘yeah I get that, I feel that with you’ kind of experience. Early on in the reading of The Storyteller Tracy reminded me that Dave Grohl is a poet and it is here in that place where this telling of his story speaks with clarity, part of it is uncomfortable, part is downright beautiful, part is what the heck and part is simply hilarious.

And then

And then I sent Tracy a rather long text that I managed to finish as the wheels touched down here in Ontario. I then overpaid for a taxi to the hotel. took some stuff to my classroom and had a heart to heart with Annie Smith. We’re “neighbors” in Texas meaning we live under three hours however sometimes life intervenes and the people who live within driving distance are the hardest to see. The heart to heart though, Oh.

If you’re here at Road to California, Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting is available in the show store.

Friends, the subtitle to Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting is: Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon summing up in six words where understanding the foundation of quilting, here is the foundation, the complete box of 64, let’s pursue this free-motion with the freedom of a kid with a new box of crayons who doesn’t give two hoots that there are lines.

Happy Quilting,


PS there is a bit of dangling here in the post, some unfinished business. This business needs to be unfinished in this moment. What comes next? Perhaps like Dave I’ll find my wallet in the strangest of places, somewhere down the road.

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