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I’m a terrible picture taker

Let me rephrase a bit. I’m terrible at taking pictures when I’m teaching. It’s really annoying in some regard because I’d love to show you what’s going on with the quilters in my class. And yet somehow I get caught up in the teaching moment and the next thing you know all the students are gone and I’m packing up the quilts to head home. While at the Heartland Quilt Guild in Nebraska I had a friend who took some pictures. Wanna see?

I’d love to know what we were talking about here but I really have no idea.





I’ll let you fill in the dialogue. I’m likely encouraging her to do something or try a new thread or something along that line.

oh my goodness the look on my face here cracks. me. Up! I’m pretty sure this is the demonstration of feathers. Two different feather techniques are normally demonstrated, however on this day it’s a three-fer. Curved spine feathers where the connection is over the top of the previous feather, bump up and over feathers for when the quilter desires the feathers to head to the background, and this day featured the spineless feathers. Spineless feathers are cool. And i love them. And will now add them to the beginner class because they are pretty.

side note: mashed plantain for breakfast on road trip day!

When I started teaching 100 years ago I used this panel and loved it. It’s practical and makes a usable size quilt. Nowadays I use fat quarter sandwiches, in part because they are easier to manage and in part because of how I teach and the method of the quilty madness in my cabeza.

I frequently tell students about my hot hands. Did you know I have hot hands? Do you know that having hot hands affects the markings one generally places on quilt tops with the wide variety of marking utensils available to us? I’ll share more when I come to your quilt guild.

PS The 2023 calendar is now open and ready for your guild and shop requests.

There are so many favorite things in this photo:
Twist (Superior Threads)
Quilters Select ruler
Quilters Select rotary cutter (both are must haves in the studio.
fingertips guiding the quilting and

did you see my dress! It has pockets! I love pockets in my dresses, skorts, shorts, and purse. Yes I love pockets in my purse.

Next week I’m going to video something really special, a series of book reviews that I’m posting on my YouTube page. I have seven e-books open and I like all of them in some way. Watch the newsletter for release of the video.

Happy Quilting!


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