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IQF SLC Day 1 – A Quilt Festival Series

I had the better part of the morning to walk the quilts and get images before the show floor opened. The first exhibit I’m sharing is Blocks Among Friends Sponsored by Handi Quilter

I intended to post this last week on day one however sometimes tired teacher syndrom happens and my brain says Ha! And it did. I also really wanted to make sure that the quilts are properly titled. I do believe they are. These colors remind me of some of the colors of my childhood, hence the Midcentury of it all.

Later this week I’ll have a couple of other exhibits to share with you.

I’ve shared how much I love teaching, and this week is no different. Smaller classes give the opportunity to work with students almost one on one and there is something really delightful in that, particularly when they all learn something new-to-them.

Quilting Practice

This phrase has two connotations
1) making pieces with the intention of practicing
2) having a practice of quilting

In this let’s chat about the second connotation: having a practice of quilting. Having a practice of quilting implies that there is always something to learn and a skillset to improve. It further implies that the quilter is seeking that learning and improvement, recognizing that both learning and improvement happen over time and with some intention whether this intention is known or not. The art of quilt making is one that is varied and broad. For most of us we specialize in a particular skill set in particular mine is free-motion quilting on the home sewing machine and I’m intentionally learning to longarm quilt. There are goals that I’m still working at achieving, and achieving those goals will not mean arrival at some place where I’m finished learning and practicing, but rather (at least for me) how to encourage others to pursue their goals focusing on the getting better rather than the pursuit of unattainable perfection. And it is essential to remind comparative thinking (mine isn’t as good as yours) is detrimental to pursuing good work; that being the best version of yourself as a quilt maker is essential as you are a unique person and quilting is one of your expressions.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on having a Quilting Practice.

Happy Quilting,


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