I’m kind of excited!

2017-09-15 19.05.13Visiting the Quilt Basket last Saturday was so much fun. The students enjoyed If the Foot Fits Use it. Both groups were so much fun, covering a lot of territory in a short amount of time. The lecture itself is about an hour, as we made this interactive – the students asked questions lots of great questions. I’m adding a couple of slides featuring pages of The Big Book of Feet. This one volume book from BERNINA is such an amazing resource. (Forgive the fuzzy shot, either I need new glasses or to clean the lens on my phone.) I’ll be going back to teach at some point, will let you know when.

If you’re going to Quilt Market or Quilt Festival – the Quilt Basket will be there with the Cutie Patterns. Please stop by their booth. And for a wee bit more fun – Debby Brown is celebrating Cutie Madness on her site. Follow along, and vote for your favorite, and an opportunity to win Cutie patterns.

"Twilight in the Bronx"

October 7 and 8 are quickly approaching. Why does this matter? It’s the weekend of the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. This is a long time planning and this quilter is still amazed and honored to be part of this event. Check out the lectures and workshops.  Paula Reid will be in the S&S booth, and I’ll stop by to demo on the 7 Series. This will be fun. @play is currently at S&S so please stop by to see it.



Quilt Market is quickly approaching and I have two classes:
Creating Consumer Confidence – Machine Sales Saturday October 28 9 AM – Fifteen tips and techniques for making sewing machines sales now and in the future. Includes staff training and consumer conversations.

Creating Confidence in the In-Store Talent Sunday October 29 6 PM Fifteen tips and techniques for making sewing machines sales now and in the future. Includes staff training and consumer conversations.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Quilting,


working on the powerpoints!

First up: Quilt Market and Quilt Festival will happen. Here’s a statement from Quilts, Inc:

Dear Friends of Quilt Festival,
First, we would like to think all who have sent messages of support to us in response to the devastating flooding taking place in our home city of Houston. We are happy to report that all of our staff is safe, and that our office did not suffer any damages.
Many others have not been so lucky, and we ask that you keep Houston and all areas that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts, and, if possible, consider making a contribution toward organizations involved in the ongoing relief efforts.
We have also heard from many people asking whether they should cancel their plans to attend this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston. We want to assure you that there is no reason to cancel any travel plans, as the show is still scheduled to go on.
The show is still over two months away, and we have full confidence that our city will bounce back quickly, as it has always done. Also, neither the George R. Brown Convention Center nor the Downtown Houston hotels were damaged in the flooding.
At this time, our office remains closed, and will until it is safe for our staff to return to work. We will post an announcement to our website and social media when the office reopens. In the meantime, we ask that you be patient in receiving a response to any calls or emails.
Once again, Quilt Festival in Houston is still scheduled to take place November 2-5 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We hope you will plan to be there to support our amazing city and enjoy the show!

Thank you!

I’m teaching at Quilt Market and want to see you there!

Last night when he got home my sweetie reminded me that I can multitask in a different way as I learn the Floriani Software. In typical, “I could have had a V8” fashion I said, “Oh yeah!” I had to laugh because why didn’t I think about that as I’m stopping video, changing screens, trying the technique and thinking oooh I can do that with this fabric. and Holy mother of chocolate covered potato chips that’s freaking cool!
I think these are phrases that I’ll include in the PowerPoints when I start teaching on my own. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered potato chips.

Next week I’m shadowing one of the teachers at an event at SewTech in Evansville IN. So much to learn and do and I’m so excited.

In just fifteen days I’m presenting If the Foot Fits Use it at the Quilt Basket in Pawling. As a result I’m revisiting, and adding to the PowerPoint presentation. Changing up the background color and updating a few things.

So many PowerPoints and embroideries to make! I’m off to work and stitch.

Now we have the topper. We'll see the finished product in a little while @florianiembroidery

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PS I’m still working with Generation Q Magazine. If you want to see me at Quilt Market and schedule in some time together please let me know teri@generationqmagazine.com.


Quilt Festival

I feel so blessed to have made it to Houston this week.  Because of my sweetie’s schedule I ended up at the airport at 5:30 AM and managed to get on the very next flight out of town – the first flight out of Newark since the beginning of the storm.  Thinking I would not make it to Houston I didn’t pack the supplies necessary for my time in Open Studio however I did bring the samples I made.

This and a couple of others were finished.  I gave one to Cheryl who works in Jeanie’s booth, it said ‘Bang Head Here” and had 3 layers of batting.  Two others were put up for the mug rug swap including the one on the right here.  I gave “homework” to my Teachers Pets Maggie and Frances – for them to finish at their leisure.  These are a great way to practice machine quilting, they’re fun and can be done in a short amount of time.  I’ll be making more samples and posting them over time.

On a side note: I really wanted to have Tilde with me in Houston.  I mean who wouldn’t want to share the quilt that just won them a first place ribbon?  Keith and I were discussing getting the quilt to Houston in time for the show.  It became apparent that I wasn’t sure when I’d get there, if I’d get there with all three of the major airports closed.  I’m closest to LaGuardia and they weren’t going to open until late Thursday and that being the case, well you get the picture.  I didn’t want to have Tilde sent and place the responsibility of the quilt and  for getting the quilt back to me on any other person in the event that I didn’t get to Houston.  I very much appreciate everyone’s understanding.  I am going to pick up Tilde this morning on my way to work and will have it for my upcoming visit to the Courthouse Quilters.


Jeanie had this beautiful smile on her face in spite of being wicked tired.  We had a bit of fun and thanks to the lovely quilter who offered to take our picture.

Texas is a big state, they do quilt shows on a grand scale.  Tomorrow I will show just a few of the quilts I was able to see and take photos of.  Weirdly my camera didn’t make it out very much.  I know right, I take pictures of everything.  Let’s just say my level of awe over the sheer enormity, my excitement for just being there, the sense of relief for getting there and the love of quilters just overwhelmed me.  A couple of times I headed over to the Brother Sewing room and just chatted with Paula Reid when she wasn’t helping students.

This trip along with the Portland trip confirmed for me that I need to focus on some serious writing and work toward getting the book that I’ve been muddling around in my head and on my computer written and published.  Part of me has been fearful that it wouldn’t be successful  and I need to let that go and just make the commitment to get it done.

More coming soon!


Quilt Festival Houston!

I’m impressed with the students in Houston.  Both of my classes ended up full.  My teachers pets, Maggie and Frances were such a great help!

Really, truly impressed.  These quilters worked and worked.  In my Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting class all of the quilters stitched out feathers by the end of class.  Every single one of them. A huge thank you to Janome for providing the machines and educator for our classroom!  Terry did a great job meeting the needs of the students throughout the day.  I mentioned to my students that as a quilter I’m an amalgamation of all of the quilting teachers I’ve come in contact with whether that be national, local or guild friends.  I take what works for me and apply that to my quilting.  Feel free to take what works, what makes sense and use that in your quilting.

As you know this week started out a little rough and I made it to Houston a day later than anticipated.  I missed the Open Studio, sadly.  Seeing the whole set up for the studio the whole experience would have been amazing.  Pokey and Craftsy did a great job setting that up.

I was so happy to be there.  Of course time with friends takes precedence over sleep so by the time Jeanie and I went to take pics of our quilt together we were both pretty punchy so a little silliness ensued.  Quite frankly I couldn’t help be silly happy – this is my first trip to Houston, I taught the most amazing students and I had a quilt in the show!   I need to check with Jeanie and see what pics I can post.

I also got to see (no pics yet) the quilt Jeanie and I will be competing with some time next year.  Bob from Superior let me borrow a few cones of thread to take over to the Kaleidoscope Collections booth.  Thank You! Thank You!  A few spools cones of thread came home with me for this new quilt.  A quick trip to the Sew Batik booth found the perfect backing and of course the perfect batik for the front of the next quilt floating around Jeanies creative bean!  Diane and Bruce are the sweetest people ever, Bruce loved the pic of Diane & I from MQX.  I’m going to use silk and wool for the batting.  Alas my dear quilterly friends no pics until we get this puppy quilted.

My roomie this time was the delightful Cathy Franks.  This photo was taken last night as we waited for the gal to call us for dinner at the restaurant.  Our waitress very kindly figured out a way to make  our evening by finding us one last piece of flourless chocolate cake.  Oh! My!  Thank you!!

I loved the vibe of Houston.  As tired as I was getting there, the long hours, meeting the quilters and visiting vendor booths and all that goes into the experience of teaching.  I love what I’m privileged to be part of the quilting community.  I’m looking forward to this next year and will definitely be applying to teach there again!

Happy quilting,


PS there is more, much more I want to share it’ll take a few days.

Celebrate and quilt back

Twenty years ago my sweetie and I married.  Part of me wonders where the time went and part of me is filled with memories of love, growth and love.  We celebrated with a lovely dinner at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  I love him now more than ever and am grateful for the gift of himself.  I can not imagine my life without him and am grateful for the gift of quilting which he brought into my life.  Thank you my love!  We went to dinner with our friends last night and they gave us red roses.  Thank you so much dear friends!

These last couple of weeks I’ve been quilting with purpose on things that I can’t yet show.  All will be revealed shortly.  I can show the quilt backs.  The back on the right is rather fun.  I used Superior’s Nature Colors in a shade of pink on the back and Magnifico in a shade of a blue/purple on the front.    I’m quilting for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and as I’m quilting for her she’s working on our next show quilt, which will hang in her booth at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston.  So if you’re going to either please stop by her booth and see the projects I’m working on right now.  I can tell you there will be a tote bag, two pillows, a small one panel Kaleidoscope quilt and a small two panel kaleidoscope quilt made entirely with – oh – I’ll share with you later.

I can share the back with you though.  The front of this is so pretty.  Oh my, it’s pretty.

Once Quilt Market/Festival starts or Jeanie says the word I’ll have a blog post ready to go.  We have some time, I have a bunch of classes and other things going on in the meantime.  A reminder blog will happen in a few days.

In the meantime. . .

Happy Quilting!



Teaching & traveling

I’m very grateful for the opportunities that quilting brings.  The opportunity to be on the faculty of a variety of shows and work with quilt shops and guilds is part of a dream come true.  I look forward to meeting you and as Alex Anderson says, we quilters do meet! Over the next couple of months I’ll be:

Hartsdale Fabrics One day Free Motion Quilting 10/6 (yes, I got a Saturday class!)

Olde City Quilts I’ll be there October 11 – 13.

Machine Quilters Expo West, Portland OR October 17 – 20

Quilt Festival Houston TX Oct 31 – Nov 3  On Nov 1st I’ll be working in the Open Studio for 2 hours demonstrating quilted cards

Court House Quilters November 11  I’ll be there for a quilting class and lecture.  I’ll be sending my Modern Quilt to them shortly.

Next year I’ll be at MQX East, AQS DesMoines, working on HMQS and a few other opportunities.

In the mean time I’m quilting for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and am eagerly awaiting our next competition quilt, and a few others and sneaking a few minutes here and there to work on a couple of my own quilts.

Quilt Festival (Houston) Class Question

As you know I’m a member of The Quilt Show and many of the quilters have come over to facebook (here’s a link to my artist page) as well.  I love being friends with these quilters for so many reasons one in particular is that we get to share information and grow as quilters and I get to grow as an educator.  I’m excited to finally get to meet so many of these quilters and put voices with their lovely faces.

When I submitted to Quilts, Inc. in Houston to teach “And Now What?!” they asked and I agreed to let them change the name to “Designs in Machine Quilting” for their venue.  I also submitted two photos one of the original Serendipity and one of the drawing/mindful meandering I did prior to quilting Serendipity.  You can see both of these here.   One of my TQS friends sent me a private message essentially saying that this is listed as a Beginner level class but after seeing the photos of the drawing and Serendipity she wasn’t so sure and just wanted to check and make sure.

I’m going to answer her question in 2 ways 1) personal experience and 2) direct info on the class itself.

1)  When I started quilting years ago I would get to the end of piecing a quilt, look at it and think, and now what do I do with it?  Over the years with a lot of help from quilters both near and far I’ve learned how to figure that out.  There is only 1 quilt that stumps me right now and in part it is because it’s for a friend of mine who I think very highly of and want to do it right.

After teaching machine quilting  a time or two beginning to understand what students need I asked students to bring in quilts that we can discuss as a class.  I make sure to tell each person these are just ideas mean to spark your creativity and help you through the process of figuring out what to stitch out on the quilt surface.

2) Designs in Machine Quilting (And Now What?!) is a beginner level class.  My intent is to share with you the process of practicing machine quilting motifs.  If you can draw it out on paper you can stitch it out on a quilt top.  Through the class we look at available space on  paper and fill it in with motifs that you can later use as a resource of ideas for your quilts.  Hopefully you will carry on and practice on paper as a way of figuring out the stitching path for a new to you quilting motif.

I’d love for you to consider taking any of my classes in Houston.

This morning I challenged Maggie to do something with her Kaufman Radiance.  I have some coming in the mail for a special project.  Check out Maggies blog to see what she did.

Happy quilting!