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When you forget to title the post SMH

It’s National Quilting Month which means that it’s also time for IGQuiltFest #igquiltfest2023 hosted by Amy Ellis. While posting I noticed something in this quilt block.

Check out the circled part!

Part hand quilting

Part machine quilting

in the same run of stitching

this is the place where I was D O N E with hand quilting

Disclaimer: I do love and appreciate hand quilting.

I was simply done, desiring to snuggle under this quilt with my Sweetie.

I thought machine quilting would be faster, and in some ways it is.

However this isn’t the point of this post.

While posting on IG memories washed over like a ginormous ocean wave. This is the quilt where I learned to be very very careful with the rotary cutter. Which is very handy (get it, handy) when talking with new quilters that it’s important to know where their fingers are when cutting. The edge of the ruler isn’t it. Here’s how I know

It’s also the quilt where I learned to get all the background fabric from the same company, and preferably from the same bolt. There are clearly two different black fabrics and one, well, hasn’t survived.

Also get more than you think you need. Because I can’t tell you, because I can’t quite remember, how much I miscut when making this quilt.

It’s okay to hand and machine quilt on the same quilt. I did it see?

It’s also okay to change direction in quilting. If you are finding what you do painful (mentally or physically) go ahead and set it aside, give it away,

As the memories of the choices I made while quilting flooded I thought about How I’d Quilt it now and while it’s not much different, I’d use the same motif, rather than leaving it hanging I’d fill the space. This is experience speaking rather than any sense of embarrassment or internal shame.

There is one other important thing I learned when making a quilt for a bed, people have depth. The next quilt made for the bed is much wider and makes sure that we’re both covered all night long even when one of us hogs the covers. (cough cough, Sweetie, cough cough).

Have a great day friends. Enjoy your quilt memories and #igquiltfest2023


who is enjoying the beauty of a morning rain storm

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