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The Adventures of Brown Envelope

Before joining Brown Envelope on her adventures to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest I would like to share that I am offering a lecture at Sew Much More in Austin on Friday March 31.

I’m teaching at Vermont Quilt Festival as part of the New York, New England tour in June. Details coming soon.

Please join me in welcoming Brown Envelope to the social media team here at TerifiCreations. I found her hanging out with friends at Creations in Kerrville where Annie Smith and I road tripped one day. I signed a copy of my book before telling them I did so, brought home Baggallini and three dupioni fat quarters. On that note, see ya, gone quilting.

Hi Friend
Teri asked me to give you updates as to my whereabouts along the way. She told me she texted you a photo of what I look like, a plain brown envelope, damn I’m good looking don’t you think? Then she said she wrote on me, so I’m not quite so plain anymore as I have two key pieces of information where I come from in a small font, upper left corner and right smack in the center is where I’m headed, to you, in Oregon. I have no memory of Oregon so I don’t think I’ve ever been there before however Teri says she taught in Portland years ago giving her the distinction of visiting two distinct places named Portland, the other in Maine. She also mentioned something about a Portland PA though she’s never been there.

As it happens right now I am in a dark box. I remember her walking me and two other envelopes and shoving us through this small aperture and leaving the three of us behind. She didn’t tell me where the other two are going and they remain aloof and oddly silent. I’ve been talking to them all night, no luck though. Did I mention it’s freezing right now, like literally 32 degrees. Who in their right mind likes this kind of weather? Shiver.

I have no freaking clue when I’ll be out of this place but when I am I’ll email you right away. 
Teri did tell me one other thing, I’m bringing you a card and she couldn’t stop giggling so I don’t know what she wrote.
Looking forward to meeting you,

The Brown Envelope

Hey Friend,
After spending a chilly night in a dark box with the other two envelopes the next part of our trip happened! Oh it was such a relief to be out of the cold and the dark box. What happened next is a little bit shocking! All of the envelopes were dropped, unceremoniously I might add, into a box with a bunch of other envelopes. Sheesh, you’d think with such important content there would be a bit more ceremony, a little pomp and circumstance. But nooooo! The other envelopes and I were separated in the box as the mail carrier drove from box to box. The other two were not a little upset about it. When we arrived at the Big Post Office on the other side of town the mail carrier left us in the truck and went running into the building. She was gone a little while and returning she looked oddly, well, relieved.

I do miss Teri a little bit, she’s kind of funny and her desk is an absolute mess. Has she shown you her desk? Good golly if the inside of her head is anything like her desk, *shudder* Okay, okay it’s not that bad. She keeps things like blank note cards, three journals, the good pens, the laptop (which is, as you can imagine, actually too big for her lap) and notes for her next book and eye glass cleaners because seeing is necessary.

Back to where I am. It’s actually hard to say. After going through a sorting process we were stuffed into new bins, lids put on so we don’t fall out, and put onto other trucks and now it’s dark again. I’m not so much afraid of the dark as I am about being spilled onto the floor and stepped on. One of my goals is to arrive to you looking little worse for the wear. While being a Brown Envelope, so I won’t look quite so icky when I show up, still and all, I’d like to look nice at least.

The road is bumpy and a bit cold. Oh! Here we go the light of day again. Oh. This is new. Airport the sign says. I’ve made it to the airport!!! I don’t know why I’m all excited about being at the airport. Really I do because I’m going to meet you. So now I know I get to fly. Next stop, the fliers haven’t told me, oh well. these things happen.

As soon as I know where I am I’ll let you know.



Brown Envelope
Formerly of Georgetown TX
Relocating to Forest Grove OR

PS – Did Teri tell you anything about where she found me? I mean us, well me specifically since she is sending ME to yo and not any of the others? Oh my goodness I am going to have to tell you about that soon.

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