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The Week After

Over the last couple of months I’ve been sharing the Quilters Color Mixer on Creative Spark. This live event happened on Thursday last. Jean Wells brings such a depth of experience and her keynote was that and more. The quilts she shared, the inspiration leading to the quilts and her own desire to play with color and listening to what the quilt needs is such a tremendous gift. When the presentations started I went into a couple of the rooms to glean wisdom from the other presenters. What an incredible depth of knowledge. I presented on thread color and weight, once the presentation is available to those who attended there is an explanation of thread weight, the question I didn’t quite get to.

Friday was Sew Much More in Austin to talk Needles, Thread & Tension Oh My. It is one of my favorite talks as it is the foundation of free-motion machine quilting. A Whole Cloth Adventure is Saturday 4/22 from 10:30 to 4:30.

Registration for Vermont Quilt Festival is happening now. It’ll be interesting to be in New England again. I’m still open for shops or guilds in New England and New York. One of my friends from more than 30 years ago lives near here so, dinner or coffee or both.

I started a new quilt using 100 weight silk on the back for the bobbin thread. It’s rather delightful over the surface of the Robert Kaufman Radiance fabric. The front is batik linen from Sew Batik. I’m interested to see how it comes out.

And yes my machine is slightly neked. Short story, the cover is a little snug somewhere just above the needle shredding the thread. So off with the cover. Oh maybe like me it’s having hot flashes, who knows.

I’m going to try a new way to record video content for the Book Report and a few other things. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

Oh and if you’ve been following the coffee saga, the new coffee maker has arrived and is functioning well. I do love the fragrance. Oh and coffee. I love coffee.

And baking I love baking. Did I mention that I made an angel food cake over the weekend? I did! Just like making a quilt it is a process. Letting the eggs come to room temperature, adding the sugar to the egg whites slowly and with care. Letting the mixer do the work. Then adding the flour mixture without deflating the egg whites. My husband and I are rather pleased with the result. I do plan on another one a little further into strawberry season.

Happy Quilting!


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