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Coming Soon to a Lessonface near you

I’m excited to share with you that I’m teaching with the John C Campbell Folk School in the online forum, known as Lessonface. From the website:

Join us for a beginning machine quilting class to get the most out of your domestic home machine. Quilt making is a combination of skills coming together to create and make something beautiful and practical. This class covers the practical means to achieve beautiful work; from accurate piecing to options in free-motion quilting. Teri shows us the little tricks that make all the difference in piecing and quilting. We’ll make a small quilt and then move onto practice pieces.

This class is presented in collaboration with John C. Campbell Folk School and Lessonface. Class capacity is 20 students. Registration closes on October 19, 2023. Students are invited to attend a large group Orientation and Closing Ceremony to connect with various classes online.

It would be fun to have you in this class.

I just posted a video with Dara Tomasson over on YouTube We both doodle to improve our free-motion quilting. She shares some great tips!

Coming soon I am going to show you my newest favorite tool and oh my goodness am I ever smitten. For a little bit more join me:

Happy Stitching


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