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Phew! I did it

Before I dig in on the rest of the post I would like to wish Tracy Mooney well as she heads into some new venture. Friday was her last day with Golden Peak Media, I really enjoyed publishing a couple of quilts in her magazines. I’m not sure which was the favorite, the camping one (Letters from home) or the Color Issue. Either way you go. Wherever you go Tracy may you bring all of your skills, talents, and joy for quilting! May you blossom and be the best Tracy Mooney ever.

Congrats Tracy

I just finished and sent the files off. I made it! I did it. Sometime next year I’ll be able to post the videos I made for Lisa Calle’s Quilters Groove Tribe.

Now I need lunch and a nap. Lunch yes, nap not so much. As it turns out I had both! The change in weather has me tired lately. Ooof. I probably need three or four days out on the hammock to help get my vitamin D levels back up.

It’s always fun to have an article out in the world, Getting Ready to Quilt Beyond the Basics is out now where I play with the 1950’s Singer Manual Instruction Manual on preparing to sew.

I love playing with words and a bit of snark so this piece is a bit of fun and reminders that sometimes it’s good to do some before we get started quilting if it gives us peace of mind.

This week and old friend was in town and my Sweetie and I got to see him. This was such a sweet moment and reminded me of why our friendship is so important to me.

This week there is a bit of a tidy up in the studio. As I talked to a friend and looked at the fabric shelves I was really annoyed in part because the bins are all over the place and in part because it’s something that is easily remedied. So remedy I will.

Coming Soon: more on my week long class at the John C Campbell Folk School and a change up in the Lessonface (in conjunction with the Folk School) class. And C&T has a new product that I’m going to do a quick YouTube vid on.

Happy Quilting!


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