Goin’ Batty

In the middle of August an invitation went out from Alex Anderson to a group of people to try, and test the new Quilters Select Batting by Floriani, I emailed Alex, the batting arrived a few days later. Needing a bit of a mental break at the end of the day, and longing to explore the… Continue reading Goin’ Batty

B 790

It all started when

So, a few weeks ago I brought Jeannie, my BERNINA 790 home with me. BERNINA clearly tweaked a couple of things, the position of the bobbin, made the tension more responsive, and added some seriously cool features, like the stitch designer. The feature of the day "Adaptive Tension". As a quilter I'm accustomed to changing the tension… Continue reading It all started when

B 790, quilt, Superior Threads, teaching, Teri Lucas

She has a name!

Jeannie it is! We've had some fun stitching this weekend. This is the back. Yes, it is Dupioni Silk. Yes, that is some seriously tiny stitching. On the top I'm using Superior Tiara 50 wt, variegated silk thread. In the bobbin it's Superior Kimono 100 wt silk. I love quilting. I love teaching too, so… Continue reading She has a name!

B 780, bernina, quilting

A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot

The B 790 and all its amazing features will be adorning my sewing table sometime this weekend. There are New Features to explore, such as the stitch creator, and that new bobbin system. There is a new stitch count to raise. And, she needs a name. Stay tuned! Happy Quilting! Teri PS - Now you… Continue reading A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot