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Classroom photos

It is a rare occasion that I get photos from my classes.  I'm sure you understand why.  My visit to Olde City Quilts was a fluke. This time around Maggie Szfranski took a number of photos for me.  Thank you!  This first photo I'm sharing is a fun one for me because Maggie gave me… Continue reading Classroom photos

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An interview with Quilter Maggie Szafranski

Meet Maggie Szafranski quilter and Nurse Practitioner.  Maggie blogs at Maggie May Quilts.  Maggie & I met through The Quilt Show and hope to meet in person sometime soon.  I do love her name, I have a niece named Maggie who is enjoying learning how to sew when she can. How long have you been… Continue reading An interview with Quilter Maggie Szafranski