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Quilt Festival Postlude

Before I get started on this day I would like to send you over to two podcasts. Quilter on Fire Episode 48 with Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Quilt N Tell Podcast Back to the Beginner Brain Episode 64. I have thoughts on both podcasts and how they are related to one another. There are more… Continue reading Quilt Festival Postlude

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Character: explored beauty

Melanie Testa is by far one of the most joyful, and thoughtful quilters I've ever met. A beautiful, creative soul. One of my most treasured memories is having lunch with her and Elizabeth, we were on the receiving end of some seriously disapproving looks from because we were laughing so much. This still brings a… Continue reading Character: explored beauty



I'm not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I'm not really at a loss at the moment it's just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I'm slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me… Continue reading Quilterati

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An Interview with Megan Dougherty

Doing a blog interview is a bit like making a quilt: we have fabric, pattern , machine, batting, backing and voila something happens and the whole thing goes terribly pear shaped. Well it didn't here. Megan answered all the questions correctly, a little too perfectly if you ask me. She's passed the quilterly test and… Continue reading An Interview with Megan Dougherty

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15 Minutes of Play and more

Victoria Findlay-Wolf has a glint of play in her smile.  An inviting, impish glint and her new book "15 minutes of play - Improvisational Quilts" is an invitation to know the type of play when we were little and the laughter would spill forth we would run with wild abandon enjoying the sun splashing… Continue reading 15 Minutes of Play and more

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Quilters Take Manhattan

After Dark is part of the annual fundraiser for the Quilt Alliance.  The major goal of the Quilt Alliance it to save the stories of quilts and their makers.  As a quilter I often fail to accurately document my quilts.  In a sense having this blog allows me to document my quilts in a fun and… Continue reading Quilters Take Manhattan

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Getting ready to start a couple of projects

I started Staten Island Sunset at MQX and need to do a bit of frogging before I continue.  In the mean time I have another idea that may or may not be part of the "City" series of quilts or I have another idea rambling around in my head.  With all of the wrought iron/metal… Continue reading Getting ready to start a couple of projects