I'm not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I'm not really at a loss at the moment it's just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I'm slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me… Continue reading Quilterati

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Meeting Mickey and more quilts

Mickey DePre and I met on The Quilt Show and have been facebook friends forever.  I love her unique style of quilts, sense of humor and passion for quilting.  Mickey has been a great mentor as well encouraging me through some serious periods of doubt where I'd wanted to toss in the quilting towel, run… Continue reading Meeting Mickey and more quilts

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Quilts from Maine Quilts

As I mentioned in last nights post I love attending quilt shows.  I shopped the vendors purchasing from Quilt Essentials in Auburn, ME and Rainbow Dyes also in Auburn.  From Quilt Essentials I bought more Radiance, black and sage.  While these aren't for the same project they are pretty together and I see some Misty… Continue reading Quilts from Maine Quilts

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More of Richmond Town

I like touring Historic places.  There are a few places that I would go back and visit including Connor Prairie in Indiana, Colonial Williamsburg, and Old Sturbridge Village.  Each historic site has their own way of presenting the history of their particular area either interacting with the characters of the time period or the docents… Continue reading More of Richmond Town

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Coming up

Coming up over the next few weeks I have interviews with lined up 4 quilters with a few more down the line.  These quilters include: Linda M. Poole, Mickey DePre and several others.  This weeks will be very fun as this quilter is doing a big reveal later this week. I'll be updating my class… Continue reading Coming up

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Are you an artist?

Someone on facebook recently asked me if I'm an artist.   My answer, "I don't know." Depending on where you look for the definition I might be an artist...one of the definitions at Merriam Webster is, "one who is adept at something".  In that case then yes I am an artist.  I can quilt. Artistry certainly dwells richly in… Continue reading Are you an artist?


this week

had some late nights working on getting 2 quilts done.  The first is for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero of Kaleidoscope Collections.  She posted on facebook that she had to get a quilt done in time for Houston and I offered to quilt it for her.  I need to get permission to put pics up on the blog… Continue reading this week