I'm not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I'm not really at a loss at the moment it's just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I'm slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me… Continue reading Quilterati

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Philly quilt show

I can't quite remember how I learned of Ferret Capri however I'm so glad that I did.  Ferret is an amazing long arm quilter located in the UK.  Sally Bramald is another amazing quilter who's work I've featured on my blog.  On Ferret's blog she talks about her design process *Ferret is publishing her own 2012 calendar… Continue reading Philly quilt show

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MQX Show

Sunday morning didn't actually dawn until I was on the road to MQX.  The sunrise heading east was beautiful.  Bright and pink and playful behind the clouds and landscape of  eastern Westchester County. I first saw the quilts of my friend Angela's kids.  They each entered a quilt and went home with ribbons.  I'm asking… Continue reading MQX Show

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Lancaster 2011

  I enjoyed seeing "Moon Over Manhattan" hanging in the AQS Lancaster quilt show.    Just getting in is still exciting to me. I have pics of 3 quilts in the show.  Mine, Sally Bramald and Carol Moellers. Sally's quilt is a whole cloth also.  She very effectively used blue thread to outline these amazing… Continue reading Lancaster 2011

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Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage

Exuberant Color - the patchwork & color are quite exciting! 365 Days of Free Motion Quilt Filler Designs - great resource for quilting motifs!  She's also going through the design process with a quilt and it's just incredible. Melanie Testa - such a creative quilter!  Love her work.  Melanie journals every day and will work… Continue reading Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage