Writing and looking forward to a Quilt Show

Writing patterns isn’t the easiest thing ever. I’m working on writing patterns for the tote bags. I know what I do and in what order. Writing it down and having it make sense and figuring out where I need photo’s and illustrations are something else. I like making the totes and I like writing so I’m hoping that the processes will come together in a way that makes sense. I have a few people in mind to read them for me once I get to a point where I’m closer to submitting them for publication. One of my friends who has kindly consented to read for me doesn’t do any sewing at all so if she understands what I’m saying then I know I will have achieved the goal.

I’ve given serious thought to the possibility of self-publishing. The biggest benefit to this would be that the profits would be mine. As I’ve gone through the process of writing though I’ve discovered that the directions are long and involved enough that they need illustrations and photos that would make self-publishing a bit daunting.

My husband has kindly done a lot of research to find a good digital camera that will grow with me or that I can grow into. Either way you go. I’ll have it by Christmas time and I’m sure by then I’ll have the pattern written and know what photo’s I need. He’s pretty much settled on the Canon PowerShot A650 IS. Check it out. Before it comes I will read the manual so that I have a good idea of how it works and some idea of what I can do with it. I’m really excited about the whole prospect. This way too I can take photos’ at quilt shows and not have to worry about carrying a boatload of extra film around.

And tomorrow I go to a local quilt show. I’m excited because like the show I’m co-chairing it’s run every two years, they have good vendors and loads of quilts. The traveling should be excellent tomorrow and the autumn leaves should be just amazing!

Happy quilting!


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  1. Whether you decide to publish it yourself, or have someone else, I’d like a copy. Can I bring it to get autographed too??
    I can’t wait to hear the report about the show.

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