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Stash building

I've deliberately destashed over the last few years letting go of fabrics that were once intended for tote bags. While these fabrics meant something for the tote bags they were not fabrics I'd use in quilts. It was work to be sure and worth the effort. What remains is fabrics I will use in quilts.… Continue reading Stash building

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Letting Go in such a good way

A few years ago I slowly started the process of letting go of fabric that no longer fit the style of quilting that I am currently working on. It was hard in some ways to make those decisions however once I started it got easier. I found that I was less and less attached to… Continue reading Letting Go in such a good way



Joyful. Fun!  Free Charming Are words that I'd use to describe Meadowlark, Melly Testa's line by Windham. I've been privileged to have gotten my hot little hands on images of the line months ago. Squeeeeee, talk about one of those sneak peeks that just make ya silly happy. I designed a whole series of quilts… Continue reading Meadowlark

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Mail Art & a quilt shop

Mail Art The Introduction to Art on Coursera is fun so far.  Mail art speaks to this quilters heart, we've been sending postcards and making artist trading cards for ages. I'm titling the mail art "Treasured Memories" Part of the fun of any project is figuring out what will work and working with what I… Continue reading Mail Art & a quilt shop

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Encouraging quilters through choosing fabric

One of my very favorite parts of being a quilter is helping other quilters choose fabrics from their very first quilt ever to the next quilt/s .   With a little listening and a few questions helping the quilters find what their looking for, sometimes in a very different direction is a highlight of what… Continue reading Encouraging quilters through choosing fabric

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Working in a quilt shop

I started two weeks ago at one of the local fabric shops in their quilt department.  I'm enjoying the whole learning process.  We get to cover home dec as well so I'm learning a lot. My favorite job so far - sorting the wall of Kona Cotton Solids.  I'm not kidding this is my favorite… Continue reading Working in a quilt shop


Fabric and scissors

I'm playing around with trapunto as I have a quilt to make after our quilt show in November.  My friend Major has embroidered blocks from some time ago that she asked me to make a quilt for her from.  After seeing the blocks I decided that trapunto is the way to go to really make… Continue reading Fabric and scissors