Fun Experience

Last night I had the neatest experience. A mom and her teenage daughter came into the shop where I work last night. They were fun. Daughter had 3 patterns, a skirt, top and dress that she wanted to learn to make. Mom was not only all for it but willing to encourage it in some fun ways. She let her daughter pick the fabric, lots of it batiks and whatever else she needed. Made sure daughter had zippers, thread, good scissors all the stuff she needed for a good experience as she learned how to sew.

We talked about color, what may or may not look good on her. I encouraged her to get some fabric from the sale rack so that she could try on these pieces before using the “good stuff”, she looked at mom and mom said yes.

Since the daughter was getting several different fabrics for each pattern I gave her a piece of paper & pen so that she could keep track of which fabrics go with each pattern. She appreciated the help in that area.

As I cut fabric mom made sure that there was a little “fudge room” on the cut yardage, if there was leftover stuff they could always make something else out of the fabric.

They were still in the shop finishing their purchases as I came upstairs shortly after 8. They really seemed to be enjoying the whole process of purchasing fabric and supplies needed for making her new clothes.

Mom even spent time talking with one of my students who’d come in for a few minutes just to make sure she understood where we are in the process of making a NY Beauty Quilt.

I hope they come back to show me what she’s been able to accomplish…it’s so much fun when customers do this!


4 thoughts on “Fun Experience”

  1. I’m thrilled that sewing of any kind is making its way to the next generation. How great of you to give her such good advice and help. Kudos to her mom for encouraging her. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

  2. Teri,
    That young girl couldn’t have a better introduction into sewing than having you take care of her. I hope she comes back to share what she makes.

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