Kid Story

Because I work in the quilt shop where we have concrete floors, towering racks (sharp corners) of fabric, sharp pins, rotary cutters, books etc.  Being a good aunt type of gal,  I am very mindful of little people and how their speed and lack of awareness of their surroundings can get them hurt. (I won’t mention the thread racks and how fun they are to play with, particularly when a section isn’t full.)
So the other day I’m in the shop and mom, dad and 5 year old Charlie (not his real name my 40 year old brain can’t quite recall it) came to look at home dec fabric. Charlie was offended when I asked if he was 4. Five, he’s five and full of the type of energy that we’d all love to harness and bottle for future use or is energy sucking…
So Charlie is running around with a toy car, full tilt. This kid is stop or go…no in between and quite secure. Charlie runs said car all over the fabric telling me in full detail where the car is, how fast it’s going and anything else he could think to add. After about 10 minutes he runs upstairs because he wants a different car – dad starts calling for him. Moments later Charlie reappears at the top of the stairs with the new car and bounds down racing the car down the banister. He runs back to me and the stories begin all over. (Meanwhile I’m straightening out bolts of fabric on the shelves)
After about 30 minutes Charlie leaves with his parents. Mom says say good bye to your friend – Charlie tells me I’m his friend now and good bye.
Can I have a cup of coffee please?


3 thoughts on “Kid Story”

  1. You’re a candidate for sainthood. Kids in the quilting area of the store are a major nightmare. Upstairs at least they have a small play area, but downstairs – everything is for “play”, especially all those sharp corners.

  2. Ugh — a bad kid story. What’s the line? With friends like that who needs enemies? If he comes in again, you can tell him you don’t want to be his friend anymore. If that doesn’t work, tell him you have cooties.

  3. Beautiful quilt!!! Let’s hope your new found friend doesn’t return with his cluless parents.

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