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kaleidoscope 11 front full

This is one of the quilts that kept me up late last week.  I finished it on the 6th as it needed to be in Houston by the 8th so Jeanie could finish the binding and have it ready to hang in the Kaleidoscope Collections booth.  It made it!  Whew.

The autumn leaf blocks are printed onto the fabric and are quite bright.  I had a hard time at first trying to figure out how to quilt this because the autumn leaves need to be the star…not the quilting.  So it took me a couple of days to figure out how to quilt it, then another day to realize what would & wouldn’t work with the quilt.

What worked: finer thread & finer needles because the fabric is so dense (tighter than a really good batik) that it wasn’t liking the heavier needles & thread.  Stitches were skipping and thread was breaking…not good for anything especially a trip to Houston.

kaleidoscope 1 back

For the back I chose So Fine by Superior Threads in a lighter shade of brown.  This pops on the back of the quilt.  You can see here that I really tried to accentuate the curves going around the Kaleidoscope blocks.  The stitching is quite dense.

kaleidoscope 1 frontFor the front I chose MasterPiece, also by Superior in a red that matches the background color fairly closely.  Although it’s somewhat difficult to see here it ends up being quite effective.

I used an orange color to outline the leaves and because of how the leaves line up down the entire piece I was able to work from the top down without a lot of stops & starts and having to bury a lot of thread.

I outlined the center spikes as well in the same orange.  I have to say this was a lot of fun and I’m so glad that Jeanie sent this to me to quilt it.kaleidoscope 8 front curve

Here’s a close up of the quilting in the curves of the quilt.kaleidoscope 6 front border

Out on the border the fabric also dictated where I would go with the quilting.  Outlining the leaves in the same brown used on the back ended up being very effective and complimented the leaf shape in the Kaleidoscope blocks.

Happy quilting!


Wednesday morning I’ll have photos of the other quilt that kept me up nights last week.

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