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AQS Knoxville, the next chapter

Have I ever shared with you that I love Superior Silk?  I think I may have once or twice.  If I'd had more room in my luggage there would have been more but alas I had no more.  The thread and some silk batting by Hobbs, yep that would have come home too..oooh I really… Continue reading AQS Knoxville, the next chapter

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AQS Knoxville Quilt Show 2011

This trip confirmed for me that teaching and sharing the wonderment of quilts is the right career for me.  To say that I enjoyed this trip is an understatement.  Bonnie Browning and the staff of AQS made it easy to just be the teacher. My sweetie dropped me off at LaGuardia Tuesday morning.  While I… Continue reading AQS Knoxville Quilt Show 2011

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Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage

Exuberant Color - the patchwork & color are quite exciting! 365 Days of Free Motion Quilt Filler Designs - great resource for quilting motifs!  She's also going through the design process with a quilt and it's just incredible. Melanie Testa - such a creative quilter!  Love her work.  Melanie journals every day and will work… Continue reading Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage

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Are you an artist?

Someone on facebook recently asked me if I'm an artist.   My answer, "I don't know." Depending on where you look for the definition I might be an artist...one of the definitions at Merriam Webster is, "one who is adept at something".  In that case then yes I am an artist.  I can quilt. Artistry certainly dwells richly in… Continue reading Are you an artist?