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I so want to share with you

tilde-competition-overall-3.jpegAs I work on the design and quilting of the a couple of current quilts I’m at once frustrated that I can’t share with you and quite honored that I can’t share with you. In looking back over my blog I often shared just about everything with you my dear quilter friends. And in a sense I miss that.

However, I like that I am privileged to participate in some really amazing things, including writing articles and quilts that have places to be other than with me. I can share with you that I’ve logged in a lot of hours on this current quilt; I’ve actually marked the quilt top – yes you read that correctly – and I’m on a very hard deadline with a lot of quilting to go. And if you’ve been following my facebook posts you know that I’m currently in the midst of stitching bubbles, millions of bubbles.  And I am not kidding teeny tiny silk bubbles, pebbles or circles taking hours. Oh yes. I’ve lost count and I do think that once it’s done it’ll be dynamic if I do say so myself.

I’m also very grateful that Superior Threads stands behind it’s products. I had a huge problem with a cone of silk and not only was it replaced Bob understood my need to get the new cone sooner because of the very close, very hard deadline and it’s here today and for that I’m very grateful! With it came my order from a couple of months ago “Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob” which I watched/listened to this afternoon. And I learned a few things – one with dynamic impact –  the Superior Titanium coated needles last way longer than I thought. You all know I love Superior Threads.

As a side note Tilde and Serendipity the Third Time Around are on their way to Road to California.  I can’t be there so if you can take a photo for me please.

Happy Quilting!


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