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Tilde wins 3rd in it’s category at Road to California


And now I have a photo of Keith with the quilt.  One day we’ll be at the same show together with the quilt.  For now I have to be satisfied with this one.

I’m thrilled Keith got to see Tilde hanging in the show.  It’s always exciting to see your quilt hanging.  Keith’s sister Rachel took first place in this category.  Very cool and a new goal has been set!


Tilde is still one of my favorite quilts.  I’m very patiently waiting for Keith to send the next quilt and while I haven’t seen it yet there will be a couple of differences in the next one including 2 layers of batting, most likely wool.  Two cones of MonoPoly will be coming home with me from Lancaster when I go in March.  I very nearly gave one of my spools to one of my students yesterday but resisted the urge as I need it on one of my quilts now.




photo (1)

Keith also got a pic of Serendipity the Third time Around.  It’s the green one to the left of his head.

As I write this there is an idea for a quilt swirling around in my head.  I wonder if I’ll have time for all of the quilts in my noggin.  I doubt it very much and I’m going to have to start keeping a journal for such ideas.  In my head it’s one more thing to carry with me however I may be able to do this on my tablet which I usually have with me.

I taught beginner quilting yesterday and had a great time!  The gals were eager and worked very very hard.  They were stitching along so well that we ended up being in class until 4:30!  Whew.  The time just flew by.

It’s also time to make new samples because I keep stitching over one of them. 🙂

Off to the studio!




3 thoughts on “Tilde wins 3rd in it’s category at Road to California”

  1. Congrats on Tilde. It’s a wonderful quilt. I keep a simple spread sheet of ideas with just enough info to help me remember. I think I will have to live to 200 to complete all the quilts running around in my head now, and I keep getting new ideas. LOL

  2. How great to have a pic of Keith next to his quilt! I had to laugh about you stitching over your samples!!!

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