I’ve gone and done it now

I’ve gone and done it now

Serendipity As Well full viewI’ve added a Retreat to the list of classes. I’ve wanted to add a retreat for a very long time, now seemed as good a time as any. A three or five day retreat to explore the world of thread, batting, design, and color. Find the eclecticness of you, the freedom to explore and push the current boundaries of how quilting works every day.

In a directed retreat we’ll work on Moon Over Manhattan or Twilight in the Bronx as the base, we can also choose Serendipity letting the color and motif run amok with frivolity, and laughter.

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Happy Quilting,


Why I quilt

I love this quilt, Serendipity. It is the result of needing to make a new quilt for Mary W. Kerr’s book a few years ago. I had to think inside and outside my box all at the same time. Inside my box is a whole lot of stuff that I use to quilt. Outside my box is a whole world of quilting to explore. And yet, when I sit down to quilt I often pick up a some solid color and start stitching.

serendipity 003

I quilt for fun.
I quilt for work.
I quilt when I’m cranky.
I quilt when I’m in need.
I quilt for pleasure.
I quilt because it makes others happy.
I quilt to be grateful.
I quilt inside the box.
I quilt outside the box.
I heart quilting so very much.
I need to quilt.

See you later.


Choosing quilting motifs: Sampler Style

Serendipity the 3rd time full
Serendipity the Third Time Around
serendipity as well front finished
Serendipity as Well

Serendipity the Third Time Around
You may wonder how I moved so quickly from Serendipity to Serendipity the Third Time Around. Wonder no more! There is a Serendipity as Well and I’ll talk about that quilt another day. Well, no I think I’ll talk about them both now.

Notes: both tops are silk: two different types
either wool or silk batting
Serendipity as well has one layer of batting, Serendipity the Third time Around has one.
Both have a variety of thread with Serendipity as Well featuring more 100 wt. silk thread.
I marked a rectangle on the quilt on the left and didn’t mark anything on the quilt on the right.
I did not plan anything. I have no road map for the stitching motifs.
I had an idea for motif’s I’d like to try or further develop.
I still love nautilus shells and swirly suns.
Could I repeat either one of these quilts exactly, No. Just no. Yes I added some emphasis there. In my mind these are unique, one of quilts. Each one of these quilts had a specific intention one was part of a resume I sent out and the other was a thank you gift.
Serendipity As Well close up micro stipplingWith each quilt I changed thread weight and color and motif on a whim. When changing weight that means changing needle size. Both of these quilts took about the same amount as Serendipity – about 20 hours or so.  Why so long you might ask? Go ahead, ask the question. Why so long? I quilt slowly at roughly medium speed. My students will attest to this. I stop and think and yes this is time invested in the quilt. I rip if I don’t really like something. Yes this is time invested in the quilt. If I’ve ripped because I don’t like how the motif stitched out I will put paper to pen and practice. Yep this is more time invested in the quilt. I do figure in the facing & binding and there is one of each here.
Serendipity the 3rd time
With Serendipity the Third time around it was intended as a sampler style (remember the whole “part of a resume” bit).
I’m not sure how I would ever teach these. I’d like to though. Cause it would be fun. I’m thinking 2 or 3 day retreat style. ooh the mind goes reeling with ideas!
Will there be more in the series? Eh, I don’t know. We quilters are a strange lot sometimes the quilts we want to do are not the quilts we get to do. Sometimes other quilts are shiny or obligatory. And fun. One of these days I’ll share the list of quilts I wanna make.
And yes, there are bubbles on these quilts. Surprised? Yeah, not.

Just call me: bubbly!


Part 3
Part 2.2
Part 2.1
Part 1

Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

978-0-7643-4313-1Mary Kerr announced on facebook the other day that her book, “Cutting Edge Art Quilts” has been released and should be in book stores later this week.  I’m so excited for her.  In the middle of writing this book her Beebops were born prematurely and the book was put on hold while she spent several months with her daughter and son-in-love helping care for those precious little ones.  In spite of being born prematurely they are remarkably healthy and full of life!

And now this book is here and I’m privileged to be one of the contributors to this book.  Four of my quilts are in here with part of my story as a quilter.Thank you Mary and Schiffer for inviting me to participate and publishing my work and the work of so many other quilters.
I can hardly wait to get my copies of the book.  The list of quilters includes: Mickey DePre, Sarah Ann Smith, BJ Titus, Kathie Briggs, Desiree Habicht, Gloria Hansen, Mary Vaneeke, Lea McComas and so many more.

One of the quilts we submitted had to be an original piece.  I hemmed and hawed so long I almost didn’t make the due date!  Part of the procrastination involved that whole internal “worthiness” conversation.  You know the one where the voices in your head repeatedly and vociferously proclaim, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” Yah, those voices.  An email from Mary early that week shifted my focus and “Serendipity” happened.


Go quilt your world!


Color Me

Serendipity gone huge pebblesBeautiful.  I don’t often share stories from “the office” whether that be the quilt shop/BERNINA dealer or stories from the road teaching.

Yesterday 18 students gathered to have their “colors” done.  I covered the shop floor while my coworkers attended the workshop.  However I asked my boss last week, knowing I couldn’t attend the class.  The process involves each person sitting in front of a mirror and color swatches being draped in front of them to see how that color makes you look and feel.

Most people fall into a particular season winter, spring, summer or fall (bet you’ve got the Carol King/James Taylor song running through your head now don’t you).  The “warm” seasons being spring & fall and the “cool” seasons being winter & summer.

quilt on wall

While the color class was going on in the classroom I had a color class of my own.  A gal came in with a beautiful, quite subtle print she’s using for curtains and wanted to bring out one particular color.  She didn’t particularly care for the background color and wanted to knock it back or more to the point she wanted to bring another color forward.  The fun part for me?  Watching her face light up as a number of swatches did what she wanted.  Even more fun, one of those swatches was her scarf.  Even more fun, the look on her face when she learned that the color of her scarf, or another color of the same shade could be used on her walls.  Party in the quilt shop (home dec really)


Wanna guess where I land seasonally?  spring & fall.  I bridge two seasons.  Surprised?  I’m not cause I just can’t be “normal”.  When I walked into work yesterday I wore a teal shirt and a chocolate brown sweater and the gal who teaches most of our fashion sewing classes came over to me and said,  “yes!  You’re right, you’re spring and fall with this particular blue and chocolate, I see your face!”  The blue is a spring color, the chocolate brown is a fall color and voila!  Truthfully more often than not I dress rather plainly.

And one of these days I’ll do what I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

Are you ready?

I’m going to paint part of my studio orange.

I’ll post pics when I get brave enough to do it.

Happy quilting!


Thinking, thinking and I would like your input, please

day trip 069Whenever I hear, “thinking, thinking” the voice in my head sounds like Elfred in my GPS.  Elfred is from the north pole and sometimes asks if anyone wants hot chocolate or fruitcake.  My answer to both is, “yes!”

I’ve been teaching machine quilting on a domestic for about 4 1/2 to 5 years now. I love it (as I’ve posted over and over again).   Over the last several months I’ve had this overwhelming understanding that something needs to change and while I think I know what that is I am asking for you help in clarifying what the changes may look like.

Over the last few days I’ve posted a few questions on facebook that I would appreciate your answers as well:

1) how would you describe what I do as a machine quilter?  Note I am not seeking compliments, how would you explain to someone else my style of quilting and what is it that draws you in or doesn’t draw you in?

2) would you rather take a whole cloth quilting class called, “There’s Fabric Under That Thread” or “Twisted Journey from Inspiration to Whole Cloth”?

3) Would you rather take a machine quilting class that is project oriented or process oriented?  Why?

twilight-quilting-closeup-lower-right-corner-2.jpg4) I am considering designing either a 15″ or 18″ structure for a whole cloth quilt that I would use in the class.  Would this be helpful?  Would you prefer something like, “Twilight in the Bronx” and “Moon Over Manhattan”, “Serendipity” or something a bit newer and fresher?

5) for the beginner class: I ask students to bring SOLID fat quarters so that their stitching can be seen and I’m considering revamping the class using SOLID 24″ or 27″ squares, do you have a preference?  Would you like to keep the fat quarters?  Final option is bringing a 36″ quilt made of a certain quilt blocks, would you be willing to make that prior to class?

6) for “Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free” I’m considering designing a structure for this class it would be based on “Twilight in the Bronx”.  Would you prefer something pre-printed or drafting the design in the first part of the class?

Please feel free to answer in the comments or email me at

terilucas at gmx dot com.

Thanks for your help!

Happy quilting!


Tilde wins 3rd in it’s category at Road to California


And now I have a photo of Keith with the quilt.  One day we’ll be at the same show together with the quilt.  For now I have to be satisfied with this one.

I’m thrilled Keith got to see Tilde hanging in the show.  It’s always exciting to see your quilt hanging.  Keith’s sister Rachel took first place in this category.  Very cool and a new goal has been set!


Tilde is still one of my favorite quilts.  I’m very patiently waiting for Keith to send the next quilt and while I haven’t seen it yet there will be a couple of differences in the next one including 2 layers of batting, most likely wool.  Two cones of MonoPoly will be coming home with me from Lancaster when I go in March.  I very nearly gave one of my spools to one of my students yesterday but resisted the urge as I need it on one of my quilts now.




photo (1)

Keith also got a pic of Serendipity the Third time Around.  It’s the green one to the left of his head.

As I write this there is an idea for a quilt swirling around in my head.  I wonder if I’ll have time for all of the quilts in my noggin.  I doubt it very much and I’m going to have to start keeping a journal for such ideas.  In my head it’s one more thing to carry with me however I may be able to do this on my tablet which I usually have with me.

I taught beginner quilting yesterday and had a great time!  The gals were eager and worked very very hard.  They were stitching along so well that we ended up being in class until 4:30!  Whew.  The time just flew by.

It’s also time to make new samples because I keep stitching over one of them. 🙂

Off to the studio!