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I’ve gone and done it now

I've added a Retreat to the list of classes. I've wanted to add a retreat for a very long time, now seemed as good a time as any. A three or five day retreat to explore the world of thread, batting, design, and color. Find the eclecticness of you, the freedom to explore and push… Continue reading I’ve gone and done it now

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Why I quilt

I love this quilt, Serendipity. It is the result of needing to make a new quilt for Mary W. Kerr's book a few years ago. I had to think inside and outside my box all at the same time. Inside my box is a whole lot of stuff that I use to quilt. Outside my… Continue reading Why I quilt

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Choosing quilting motifs: Sampler Style

Serendipity the Third Time Around You may wonder how I moved so quickly from Serendipity to Serendipity the Third Time Around. Wonder no more! There is a Serendipity as Well and I'll talk about that quilt another day. Well, no I think I'll talk about them both now. Notes: both tops are silk: two different… Continue reading Choosing quilting motifs: Sampler Style

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Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

Mary Kerr announced on facebook the other day that her book, "Cutting Edge Art Quilts" has been released and should be in book stores later this week.  I'm so excited for her.  In the middle of writing this book her Beebops were born prematurely and the book was put on hold while she spent several… Continue reading Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

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Color Me

Beautiful.  I don't often share stories from "the office" whether that be the quilt shop/BERNINA dealer or stories from the road teaching. Yesterday 18 students gathered to have their "colors" done.  I covered the shop floor while my coworkers attended the workshop.  However I asked my boss last week, knowing I couldn't attend the class. … Continue reading Color Me

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Thinking, thinking and I would like your input, please

Whenever I hear, "thinking, thinking" the voice in my head sounds like Elfred in my GPS.  Elfred is from the north pole and sometimes asks if anyone wants hot chocolate or fruitcake.  My answer to both is, "yes!" I've been teaching machine quilting on a domestic for about 4 1/2 to 5 years now. I… Continue reading Thinking, thinking and I would like your input, please

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Tilde wins 3rd in it’s category at Road to California

And now I have a photo of Keith with the quilt.  One day we'll be at the same show together with the quilt.  For now I have to be satisfied with this one. I'm thrilled Keith got to see Tilde hanging in the show.  It's always exciting to see your quilt hanging.  Keith's sister Rachel… Continue reading Tilde wins 3rd in it’s category at Road to California