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Don’t worry I haven’t gone off the deep end

Or a day at the Quilt Festival of New Jersey.

Visiting the Olde City Quilts Booth at the Quilt Festival was quite fun.  They now carry Hobbs Tuscany Wool and Silk batting, 5 yards came home with me and I have a quilt in mind for this.  Rob snapped a few photos in the booth, you can see them on their facebook page.  Oh and go like them as well.  My favorite comment is Jerry Granata’s “TRAITOR!”. It cracked me up.

Renae Hadaddin and Karen Kay Buckley
Fiesta Mexico by Renae Hadaddin and Karen Kay Buckley

I visited the Janome booth to chat with Educator Karen Zimmerman.  She’s way fun and great with customers.  In my opinion the Educators help make the classroom at quilt shows function well.    The Educators know the machines, how they work and how to problem solve when things go wonky with the machines.   If you’ve taken my class you know that “speeding violations” are something of an occurrence.  Speed is frequently an issue causing minor  (inconsistent and/or tight stitching) – to major (eye lashing and “tension trouble”) in our quilting.  Last spring in Providence the BERNINA educator, working on solving a problem on one of the machines, was speeding to listen for a problem with the machine.  She knew I’d turn around and issue that “speeding violation” and just waited.  In less than 3 seconds I looked, realized what was going on, the Educator said she wondered how long it would take and cue laughter.

Bruce from SewBatik
Bruce from SewBatik

I visited the SewBatik booth as well bring home a little bit of a deep wisteria rayon batik.  I can hardly wait to quilt it; there is a plan that will come together very soon.  This plan may or may not involve some copper Magnifico.  I showed them the front of the Bang Head Here quilt that will make it’s public debut at the New England Quilt Festival in April.  I bought the black batik rayon from them in Portland.  They’d never in all their years of doing this heard of someone quilting the rayon batiks.  I love being the first. 🙂

The next quilt I make with the rayon I’ll take detailed pics and share it here on my blog.

When I get home from guild tonight I’ll do the blog drawing and post the winners tomorrow.


Happy quilting!




3 thoughts on “Don’t worry I haven’t gone off the deep end”

  1. OOOO! Those rayon batiks are so gorgeous! I hope to see them this weekend at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show! I may have to bring some home with me!

  2. Hey, I was at NJ Quilt Fest too, I’m surprised I didn’t run into you! It’s funny, I walked past the Olde City booth and saw all the battings and wondered if they had silk but all I saw sitting out was the 80/20 and the wools. I know for next time to ask!

    Weren’t the exhibit quilts great? I also got to go to the Kaffe Fassette lecture and it was cool that all the quilts from the new book were also on display. Fun show overall!

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