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Color Me

Serendipity gone huge pebblesBeautiful.  I don’t often share stories from “the office” whether that be the quilt shop/BERNINA dealer or stories from the road teaching.

Yesterday 18 students gathered to have their “colors” done.  I covered the shop floor while my coworkers attended the workshop.  However I asked my boss last week, knowing I couldn’t attend the class.  The process involves each person sitting in front of a mirror and color swatches being draped in front of them to see how that color makes you look and feel.

Most people fall into a particular season winter, spring, summer or fall (bet you’ve got the Carol King/James Taylor song running through your head now don’t you).  The “warm” seasons being spring & fall and the “cool” seasons being winter & summer.

quilt on wall

While the color class was going on in the classroom I had a color class of my own.  A gal came in with a beautiful, quite subtle print she’s using for curtains and wanted to bring out one particular color.  She didn’t particularly care for the background color and wanted to knock it back or more to the point she wanted to bring another color forward.  The fun part for me?  Watching her face light up as a number of swatches did what she wanted.  Even more fun, one of those swatches was her scarf.  Even more fun, the look on her face when she learned that the color of her scarf, or another color of the same shade could be used on her walls.  Party in the quilt shop (home dec really)


Wanna guess where I land seasonally?  spring & fall.  I bridge two seasons.  Surprised?  I’m not cause I just can’t be “normal”.  When I walked into work yesterday I wore a teal shirt and a chocolate brown sweater and the gal who teaches most of our fashion sewing classes came over to me and said,  “yes!  You’re right, you’re spring and fall with this particular blue and chocolate, I see your face!”  The blue is a spring color, the chocolate brown is a fall color and voila!  Truthfully more often than not I dress rather plainly.

And one of these days I’ll do what I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

Are you ready?

I’m going to paint part of my studio orange.

I’ll post pics when I get brave enough to do it.

Happy quilting!


3 thoughts on “Color Me”

  1. Had colors done years ago when I lived in Aruba…..I’m a winter! Once you know your colors……mine are mostly jewel tones…it makes it easier to shop. Turquoise looks good on all seasons. But I can’t do orange in anything!

  2. How fun! Love working with colors! I have never had mine analyzed, but I know I look better in true colors (red, blue) and black! And we love orange here in Illini Country!

  3. I can’t believe that is going around again! My neighbor had her’s done back in the early 80’s and became an “expert” in her mind. LOL! She informed me that I was a spring. I went and bought jewel tones. I can be stubborn. LOL! I also plant the flower beds that she can see in complimentary colors – orange, purple, burgandy, & lime – just to yank her chain. What surprised me was that she started planting her patio pots that way too.

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