New tagline – new focus

For several years now “Quilting is a beautiful and complicated art” was the tagline in the header.  It’s true – quilting is a beautiful and complicated art – there are so many components, styles and ways of quilting.  Quilting employs geometry in an artistic and in my opinion, intuitive way.  Making a quilt, even a simple 4 patch or 9 patch requires us to think through a process of size, scale and proportion, calculating yardage and color.  I could, and perhaps should, spend time talking about all of the emotions that go into creating a quilt but that’s another time and place.

The new tagline reads, “giving quilters permission since 2008”.

gratuitous quilt
gratuitous quilt

Whether I’m teaching, working in the quilt shop, in an online forum, on facebook, where ever I happen to be chatting with quilters my ultimate goal is to give that person permission to do whatever they want as the quilt maker.  Hand piecing and quilting? sure I can teach you what I know and recommend books and websites that will serve as life long resources.  Machine work?  I’m your gal.  Art? Let me introduce you to quilt artist who blog and share their process and SAQA.

You see approaching quilting and teaching quilting from an “I can do this” point of view makes the quilting – in all it’s varieties – possible.  It’s a matter of figuring out what style of quilting brings us the greatest joy.  And I’m here to help with that.  Each of us, at some point, is inexperienced in quilt making.  As a teacher I want you to know I’ve made a lot of mistakes hence, “a seam ripper is a quilters best friend”.  I’ve made some pretty cool quilts and I’ve made some ones that gave me some great learning moments.

If I were actually writing a book

It’s why I wrote what may be the forward to a book on machine quilting.  And it’s why I’m thinking about a new 3 hour class for the advanced beginner/almost intermediate quilter, “A Quickstart guide to better machine quilting”

Happy quilting!

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