This is still one of the biggest highlights of my quilterly career

gallimaufry inside with cd

A few months ago I received an email from Geoff Carr of Generation Jones.  He and Jon Benyon are planning their next album and if all things go well, another quilt may be the cover art.  I’ve won ribbons and written articles and achieved a few of my quilterly goals but this.  This is one of the major highlights of my quilting career.  “Twilight in the Bronx” helped start something for me that has brought such joy to my life.gallimaufry cd




gallimaufry inside right cover




hanging with the teacher ribbon from Linda Taylor at MQX
hanging with the teacher ribbon from Linda Taylor at MQX

I made “Twilight in the Bronx” shortly after I turned 4o.  You can read more here.  And here.

I’ll be 45 later this year.  As a matter of fact I have told you how old I am.

These last 5 years have been phenomenal.  Absolutely phenomenal.

And I want to share some of that joy with you.

So here’s the deal.I am giving away a copy of “Gallimaufry”

Just like my facebook teacher page.

On May 1st I’ll draw one name from the list and that person will receive a copy of Gallimaufry.

Happy Quilting!



gallimaufry cover



7 thoughts on “This is still one of the biggest highlights of my quilterly career”

  1. Congratulations, Teri!!! I love stories like yours. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. Here is to more firsts and accomplishments in your next 45+ years!


  2. Oh Teri, I can only imagine how wonderful that would feel. So glad for you!!! Here’s to many more such magnificent achievements. 😀


  3. Do what you love, love what you do. Recipe for happiness in life. Glad to see someone living their dream. You go girl!!


  4. I had someone use a photo of some of my fabric once for a CD cover. I felt the same as you….. it was the coolest thing ever! Your quilt images are just perfect on the CD!


  5. Wonderful, Teri! Your work is gorgeous and I’m so glad it gets the recognition and offers it deserves!


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