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Bang Head Here

Since the judging is over and the winners have been notified I now feel free to share Bang Head Here

dance bang head 1975

While I was in the middle of “@play” and “dance” I was very frustrated with the process of making both of those quilts.  “@play” became the unruly teenager for a while and “dance” has been temporarily put on hold.

dance bang head 1948I’d tried playing with another style for “dance”  and it was working except I didn’t have the patience to deal with the fabric bunching up on me.  My personal irritation level with quilting was at an all time high.

Don’t get me wrong I love to quilt.

I love quilting.kaleidoscope bang 1

I needed to do something fun and whimsical and Bang Head Here was born.

Sometimes poking fun at frustration make the situation easier.  And anything that makes quilting easier is great in my book.  It’s kinda like learning how to adjust the bobbin tension on your home sewing machine…we’re all told not to, however this is one fun way to break the quilting rules.

The majority of the quilt top is a beautiful rayon batik I purchased from Sew Batik.  The red is a silk  that I fused to the inside of a random hole I cut out of the rayon.  Thread is mostly Magnifico.

The Kaleidoscope at the right is from Bang Head Here.

Note: in late April/early May I’ll be able to share @play with you.  I just need to wait for the magazine to come out.  I’ve seen the cover floating around on facebook.  It’s beautiful and features Susan Brubaker Knapps’ work.

More blogging later in the week!

Happy quilting!


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