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Machine Quilting Unlimited May/June Issue

MQU May June cover 001

So how does one begin to tell a tale?

Oh yes! Once upon a time there lived a quilter in the Bronx who received an invitation from Vickie Anderson and Kit Robinson to participate in a challenge….a whole cloth challenge arrived in my email in box. She said yes.   Sandra Leichner, Terri Doyle, Lisa H. Calle, Jessica Schick , Millie Sorrels and I each made a 36 x 36 whole cloth quilt.  They are all gorgeous.  And I do mean gorgeous and creative and oh I could just gush on and on.

We were sent Radiance by Robert Kaufman for the top and their cotton sateen for the back. Radiance is one of my favorite fabrics ever!  I swooned over the fabric when it arrived and promptly set it aside until after teaching in Houston.  Did I mention the quilt was due January 15th?

dance bang head 1714
Kaufman Radiance and Superior Silk

The Big Idea finally happened after a friend told me it’s time to quilt a spiral.  After several tries the thought of  incorporating spirals and flying geese into one quilt happened.  I had 2 different designed worked out and with a bit of help from the aforementioned friend decided on the design you’ll see in this issue of the magazine and a bit later here on the blog.  Somehow I knew the title of the quilt would be @play because when I sit at my machine, I’m playing.  I love to quilt.  I love the feel of the quilt in my hands as I manuever it under the needle stitching pebbles, feathers, spider webs and all sorts of other quilterly motifs.

All of the quilts will be on display at HMQS May 9 – 11, 2013.

During the process of stitching @play it became “the unruly teenager” as we didn’t get along very well for a while.  @play was determined to be the quilt she is and I needed to listen and *stamping my foot* I did NOT want to listen.  Well, as quilts do, @play had the final word and we get along well now. Gregory Case photographed all of our quilts and they are STUNNING!

I’ll post the full quilt during the week of the show.

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Machine Quilting Unlimited May/June Issue”

  1. We all have a quilt now and then that has a mind of its own. We have to be open to listening and say, “That works and it’s OK”. Funny, aren’t I?

  2. Looking forward to getting my issue this weekend! I, too, am in love with the creative art of quilting. Can’t wait to read about your journey with this quilt! Blessings, Doreen

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