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Northern Star Quilt Show Part 1

Joe Cunningham at SomersOne of their speakers and teachers this year is Joe Cunningham.  There were spaces in the classroom and if I didn’t have several things at work scheduled today like the Newsletter and giving a demonstration at 11 AM on the BERNINA 710 I would be taking his class.  Joes quilt on handiquilter“Joe the Quilter” was Saturday’s quilterly story-telling about a male quilt maker in England who made quilts back in the late 18th/early 19th century.  And through it Joe sings and shares his quilt stories. 

Up the Stream of Good Intentions
Up the Stream of Good Intentions

“Up the Stream of Good Intentions” has to be one of my favorites because it’s orange and has purples running through it. Some of the quilting is the shape of salmon swimming. 
 The quilt I’m peeking out from behind is all done on a HandiQuilter, Avante I think.  Working with the folks at HandiQuilter Joe (he was the artist in residence for a week) had the design digitized and from what I’ve seen/heard about digitizing it’s not necessarily and easy feat. 

pink tutu kimonoFANE  had a special exhibit of Kimonos. The kimonos are fun, just fun.

I think my favorite is this sweet pink tutu “Tutu Gone Kimono” by Mary Ann Healy. 

donnas kimono
A Tribute to Cheryl
Donna Chambers
renees kimono
Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Reneé and Donna both had several pieces in the show that will be shared over the next few days. 

I have photos of more quilts and some really fun things happening as a result of being at the show. One fun thing that should happen is that I’ll be doing a whole cloth for one of the vendors.  How fun will that be?!

follow that thread

I just discovered that my laptop has a version of Corel Draw that lets me re-size and crop photos.  This will hopefully prolong the “TerifiCreations” of it all by giving me extra photo/file storage space.  Once I reach maximum storage space here I have several other blogs names in place and I’ll be “moving” to one of those, most likely “Teri Lucas” since it is my name after all. 

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