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Dessert First

dessert firstThere is a delightful saying “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” I believe it’s widely attributed to Jaques Torres who understands chocolate in a most delightful way.

 And my oh my this was dessert.  Brownie Sunday. 

dessert first 2And then there was this. Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch.
 These are brought to you by City Limits Diner in White Plains, NY.  I had not been back since they remodeled.  The remodel flipped the bar and the bakery, used warm cozy colors.  They’ve pared back the menu a bit and the fried chicken was just outstanding!!

And then dessert.  My friend ate almost the whole thing

And this is ended a most delightful day.

Donnas mosaic“A Flowering Mosaic” by Donna Chambers.  I really admire Donna’s quilt making.  She brings an art background to her quilting. 

Donna Mermaid MariahMermaid Mariah and Her Circle of Souls.

Donna and I work at the same shop together and were in a mini group so I get to see some of her works in progress.  Donna teaches the mosaic as a class.

renee with her boyThe next quilt is Renee‘s quilt of her son.  This quilt is a result of a guild challenge called reverse imagery.  The lens of his sunglasses is a photo of Renee taking a photo of him.  It’s so fun to see quilts from guild challenges.

renee laundry day
Renee with Laundry Day

 The final quilt I’m sharing from the show is Renee’s Laundry Day.  It’s a beauty and earned Renee a ribbon.  One of two she received this weekend.

Congratulations to the members of the Northern Star Quilt Guild on their 35th quilt show.  We look forward to sharing more with  you.

Happy quilting!





gratuitous fabric photo
gratuitous fabric photo

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