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Somethings in life are worth the wait

Teri Lucas cutting edge art quilts front cover croppedHere it is. “Cutting-Edge Art Quilts” by Mary W. Kerr published by Schiffer .  If you’re interested the book can be purchased directly from Mary.  It has that new book smell and sound to it.  You know the one, where ya gotta go get your nose into it.  Sorta like (but not quite) when we were kids and would smell the newly mimeographed paper the teachers would hand out.

page snippet
Here’s a sneak preview!

I mentioned here that the book was released and shared my part in it.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that this is a hard cover book and it’s beautiful.  I mean really gorgeous.

The book is laid out in six sections: Color Play, Alternative Fibers, Threadwork, Special Techniques, 3-D Design and Embellishments and Art Quilts Inspired by Photographs.

I’m in the “Threadwork” section with Nancy Billings, Jennifer Day, Dusty Farrell, Sarah Ann Smith, Cyndi Souder, Karin Tauber and Mary Vaneecke.  Surprised? I’m not as you know I love to play with thread.  Completing Serendipity for this book sparked my imagination in such a way that now, right now as I write this blog post I’m going to go for it and try and enter something into Houston.

As I peruse the book each quilt maker, each artist brings something to the artistry of quilt making Mary brings that out in “Creative Tips”.  The photos of other quilters works is getting my creative thought process going.

Go quilt  your world!


4 thoughts on “Somethings in life are worth the wait”

  1. I got my copy the other day! It is a gorgeous book! I am impressed with this publisher. They use nice heavy quality paper! Sue Reich’s has several books done by this publisher and they all have that same great feel to them!

    1. I have several books from this publisher. The covers are great art. And the books are well made.
      Reading them, holding them, is very relaxing, a mini-retreat. And I find something inspiring each time I open a a cover.

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