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The sound of silence

CAM00677Well, I’ll be quiet here until about November 18th.  I am in the middle of quilting the quilt pictured here which will take every free moment I have between now and then.  I’m quilting Quantum Leap (pieced by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero)
There will be lots and lots of bubbles – I can tell you the stitch count on the machine is somewhere between 5500 and 6000 per 1 x 7″ section.  I’m enjoying watching the stitch count on the machine go up! up! up!

I can tell you that I learned something truly fascinating about the 7 Series the other day.  I needed to have a board replaced because of a hum – I thought the crickets were particularly loud this summer and didn’t realize the hum until after I closed the windows.  CAM00649 I saved settings so that when the machine booted up I would be able to just get stitching.  (see the yellow highlighting around the disc) As you can see I have a photo of the settings so what mattered to me was getting the board replaced, not so much information.  The tech called me to the work room and asked me about this because when he went to do the straight stitch this is what came up.

(Isn’t it cool that the screen shows the foot, needle down, the tension setting, the presser foot pressure and that the feed dogs are up!)  Well even though he had to replace one board, my settings were saved in another area of the computer part of the machine!  Better quilting through technology!  Okay, maybe not better quilting…I’m still in control of that but certainly easier!
I’ll be back soon!Happy Quilting,TeriPS I’ll be coming back with a couple of tutorials…so stay tuned!

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  1. Life is on the fast track for so many!! I am in a similar situation (just back from a 4000 mile vaca trek to the East Coast!). Major “catch-up”!!! These “sewing computers” are really something!!!!! Hugs……

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