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Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style

@play, I shared the first part of her story here. And the second part of her story here. I mentioned that my friend AEF offered her support throughout the design and quilting process. Invaluable. Just simply invaluable. I did a bit more planning with this quilt, as you can see to the right I have… Continue reading Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style

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Choosing quilting motifs part 3: permission and slack

I considered "When Alex & Ginny met in NY, Beauty Happened " a learning quilt which allowed me (at least in my mind) the opportunity to treat each block or open space as unique. This "gave me permission" to choose a wide variety of quilting motifs in individual spaces. The truth is if I had… Continue reading Choosing quilting motifs part 3: permission and slack

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Listen to your quilts

They frequently have something to say giving you information about the direction they intend to take on this journey together. When I started quilting Quantum Leap I thought that hot pink would work in the green strips.  Turned out not so much. The color disagreed with me vehemently. Jeanie confirmed that the pink wasn't working.… Continue reading Listen to your quilts

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“You’re a quilting nerd” she said

Quilters as mentioned here I found the screen to see the stitch count on my machine!  I've often wondered, and there is no way to tell, how many stitches there are on my 1080's.  With the quilts stitched from piecing to binding over the years and all those tiny bubbles from @play I'm sure the… Continue reading “You’re a quilting nerd” she said