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Sit down dear friends I have something to tell you

GenerationQ LogoOkay it’s not that serious.
But it’s way fun.



Oh good grief I just have to spill it.


See the logo over there ——–>

the one that say GenQ? Well I am now, well officially on March 1st, working with
GenerationQ Magazine as the
Associate Editor–Online/Special Projects.
I’m really excited.
When Melissa and Jake announced this new venture, Generation Q, I did what I could to support them and did very quilterly like happy dances as they met and exceeded their goals. I’ve love getting the issues in the mail. Oh I could just go on.
Several months ago Jake put out a message on facebook, they were looking for an Advertising Manager. I commented “I wish” and Jake messaged privately asking why not? Long story short, resume, phone interview etc, etc, yada yada, alakazam and ballyhoo. This is right up my tree. So I’ll be blogging and doing some other “behind the scenes” stuff.

Fortune cookie magazineAnd I get to  work with some really cool people.
I’ll still be doing all the other stuff I do, teaching, writing and competing and working at Hartsdale Fabrics.

And Thank you all for joining me on this great quilterly adventure!

Happy Quilting!


27 thoughts on “Sit down dear friends I have something to tell you”

  1. Congratulations! I know you’ll be fantastic in this new endeavor. Wow, now I really can say “I knew her when”. 🙂
    Wishing you all the best, and I’m here if you need anything.


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