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Well, I didn’t see that coming

I can always tell when I'm a bit stressed as blogging and quilting become a bit of a challenge. Several posts are in the drafts folder waiting for inspiration, and perhaps something else, the trash bin, the right time? Writing ideas are much like quilt ideas: right time, right place, right skill-level - the words… Continue reading Well, I didn’t see that coming

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Ten Year Blog Anniversary

Well Happy Blog-versary to me! I'm thrilled to have brought my blog over to WordPress. This was a good move for me as this platform offers enough flexibility and room for growth, allowing me to change this into a website, and eventually I hope to be able to do some e-commerce down the road. In… Continue reading Ten Year Blog Anniversary

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Celebrate Your Gifts

Have you ever had that moment when you're reading something, but misread it? Scrolling through facebook this morning I misread an ad that said, "Create Your Gifts" as "Celebrate Your Gifts". Creating your gifts, the things you give to others in celebration of the person whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or Kermit the Frog day… Continue reading Celebrate Your Gifts

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Sunday Social

Tomorrow evening I leave for Knoxville for training on Floriani Total Control U and Floriani Quilting software. In the meantime I have a version to start exploring. I created a monster that I'm now (for today) using as my profile picture on facebook. Then there is this. Even when life has been a bit challenging… Continue reading Sunday Social

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Blogs I follow and the like

Kelly Ann's Quilting Warrenton VA Kelly Ann is a shop owner I met on Facebook, then in person she writes about her shop, being a shop owner, and quilting. She's a wee bit snarky like me, and when I have shop related questions I can ask her. Beauty Beyond Bones I stumbles across Caralyn's blog through… Continue reading Blogs I follow and the like

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Blogging Friends

Cheryl Sleboda at Muppin is hosting a 31 day blogging challenge. I'll be adding her and a host of others to my blogroll (on the left column of the page). I gave serious consideration to participating in the challenge, however since I write for 3 different blogs I'd be writing full time and I have… Continue reading Blogging Friends

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A good quilting day

There's something amazingly cathartic about stitching this swoop of stitching. It's not as tough as stitching black on black. It's lovely. Tomorrow there will be a photo of the back. I'm using an almost fuchsia red-purple silk on the back. Yesterday was a productive day: editing, blogging, quilting, meeting. I love days like that. Happy… Continue reading A good quilting day