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Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style

at play center for blogdance bang head 1777@play, I shared the first part of her story here.
And the second part of her story here.
I mentioned that my friend AEF offered her support throughout the design and quilting process. Invaluable. Just simply invaluable.
I did a bit more planning with this quilt, as you can see to the right I have a plan. Yeah, that’s it was a plan. I did stay true to the plan. What AEF mentioned and I agree with is that in the design the flying geese stand out, on the quilt not so much. I’m okay with that. Well kind of. You know that list? Well this quilt is on there twice, I’d like to see what this looks like on chocolate. Wouldn’t you? Deep rich, chocolate-brown.

@play is as close to an intimate, personal, intense conversation that I will ever have with most folks. Without going into a lot of detail I’m an introvert, shocking I know. Meeting me might give evidence to the contrary. But I am. Trust me.
So I knew that in the white sections I would stitch line after line after line after line. Please don’t ask me about that orange (one of my very favorite colors and helps ground the quilt). I sure could have used Debby Browns quilts Radio Edit and Frustration. All the “behind the scenes” stuff with this quilt actually matters in that in spite of what was going on with me at that moment I finished it. I poured my heart into every stitch of this quilt. A quick glance at the quilt might give the impression that it’s disorganized and discordant. Like a traditional quilt it has a border but just because it’s there doesn’t mean that I need to pay attention to it. It’s my quilt, it’s my rules.
The spider’s web had to change as through the stitching, thread troubles.
The bottom where the orange is had to change, thread troubles.
I have a fascination with making quilting motif’s really tiny, and of course I had to stitch teeny tiny bubbles, with 100 weight silk thread.
I had to stitch my swirling feathers.
I have a fascination with nautilus shells.
I listened to this quilt and bleep it was vocal.
I added detail throughout the quilting choosing motifs that made sense and changed things up with I got bored (see the straight lines to curvy lines on the lower left side).
I loved stitching 30,000 bananas and a play on Victorian Feathers.
I opened my heart to the quilting world.
Here it is.

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “Choosing Quilting Motifs: Open Heart Style”

  1. Teri, STUNNING!!!!!!!!….you outdid yourself with this one. We are all blessed to have you in our quilting world ! I couldn’t stop looking at the detail when I magnified it. Your mind and hands are a gift from God. I;m so looking forward to taking another class with you……you inspire me. Hugs, Ellen

  2. Mesmerizing!!!! There’s so much to take in………and that’s what makes great art!!!! Thanks so much for the awesome share. Hugs…………

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